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Sonja Morgan's Glad Aviva Threw Her Leg And Weighs In On Her Relationships With LuAnn And Harry!

Sonja Morgan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Sonja discuses Harry's inability to commit to commit and why she thinks Aviva handled herself well. Sonja writes:

"I felt left out by my girlfriend LuAnn and didn't feel the commitment to commit from Harry. However, I don't feel that LuAnn did it to spite me -- as Kristen asked when she came to visit. LuAnn and I had a heart-to-heart at Heather and Carole's party. We discussed how I want her to have a guy thats her "forever guy." Even though I love Jacques, I told him at the Life and Style party that I love LuAnn a lot more. I knew that the relationship was not going to be forever. I am very intuitive. I have a Pisces moon.

Harry should have checked with me before taking off to the club to see if I wanted to go -- and if not to make sure I got home OK. I realize they were both drinking and that Lu after her break up that she just wanted to have a good time, but she knows Harry's my sidekick.

That morning when the girls came over, I was feeling very sad and confused. Tyler rarely speaks. He's like E.F Hutton, when he says something, everybody listens. He heard LuAnn say "I am single now, let's go Harry." That didn't include me. I foolishly chased after both of them, because I wanted to be with them, and sprained my ankle on my fishtail dress. The train on that dress was from here to St. Tropez. I knew I had to get to the bottom of it with LuAnn before I spoke to Harry, because I already had my doubts about Harry's ability to commit. This was not a good sign that Harry was going to commit to commit.

One of the reasons Harry wants to nail me down right now (no pun intended) is because he knows I am ripe for the picking. I have had a fabulous year! I am feeling strong, and I have never felt better about everything! After that morning I was feeling so grateful to all the people who support me and want to see me do well.

As I said last year, when my ex husband didn't show up for the settlement meeting with the lawyers -- it wasn't about the money, it was about not having my best friend and father to my daughter in my life. I can take care of myself and my daughter on my own. I have always been independent and was a full-time partner in my relationship. I have come full circle since the film distributer secured the 7 million dollar judgment against me and have learned so many valuable lessons over the course of this experience.

Team Sonja is no less than 35 people. These people are much more than just their job titles. Everyone is a star in their own right with unlimited horizons and no limitations set by their occupation of the moment. I can't think of any better place than my home away from home, Le Cirque, which I have been going to since I was a young model and student at FIT. There is a wonderful documentary on Sirio Maccioni, if you are interested (The Proprietor). He is one of my mentors.

I'll take a moment mention some of the peeps on the team. People keep asking for my poop pills and I get those from Dr. Erika Schwartz, she is an amazing HRT Doctor. That's also one of the reasons why I have such great skin. I also go to Luzineti at Dr. Sadick's for facials -- and as you know Satoko from Frederick Fekkai. I am very grateful to Dr. Nicholas Toscano and Dr. Marc Lazare, who not only have helped me with my funny teeth mishaps, but have given my loyal psychic of over 20 years Roberta Tavasolli over $150,000 in dental implants pro bono. She is a very good person and she helps so many get through difficult times when they feel there is no hope.

Then you may have recognized Hank Stampfl who you know from the Sonja and the City party benefitting the LGBT youth center on Long Island (LIGALY). We have been friends for a long time and through our work with other artists we have been able to raise money for different children's charities and LGBT. We also do a lot of appearances with the restauranteur David Burke, who he works with. Edward Alava, the owner of The Dog Store, Number 1 groomer by The Daily News, is THE celebrity groomer. He is an amazing person and is always there for me. He has a doggy hotel in the Hamptons and a cookie business for pups. He also introduced me to my vet who comes to the house, Dr. Cindy Bressler. She has been with me through everything with my pets, who you know are my everything. Having been a luxury brand consultant, I have a slew of restauranteurs and fashionistas that I call family and I can't thank them enough for supporting #TeamSonja. Of course my "interns", perma-terns, volunteers, or whatever you want to call them are precious to me. They get so much more then just hands on experience, contacts, and resume from me. I get the world of joy and satisfaction back from them when they go on to contribute so much to the world.

I was surprised at LuAnn's reaction when we met at my house because we are girlfriends, and we can talk about everything. Guys come and go. I am not going to let a guy come between me and Lu. I am surprised she didn't just laugh it off, and say "Son, I dropped him off and went back to my apartment." Or "Sorry, I partied too much and took off with Harry." We have been through enough that Lu knows she can tell me anything. I can't stay mad at Lu because the great thing about knowing people for five or six years is you know them!

Having nursed my ex-husband through a terrible accident and recovery and seeing my sister go through hell with her 18 month kid who had kidney cancer, I can definitely feel Heather's pain and struggle. I have dealt personally with multiple doctors, therapists, nurses, specialists and it is so grueling. You can only take it one day at a time or it will eat you alive.

It was very upsetting for me to meet with Harry because I knew he would be disappointed. I love Harry, but Harry is Harry. I don't need a man who is working on committing to commit. I need a man who is ready willing and able to be a real partner. I am a great wife and a wonderful mother. I am open to another man's family. In fact, I love a big family. That's what I enjoy doing, family holidays, entertaining at home and building memories together. You never met a bigger picture taker.

I don't now why the girls were joking about Aviva having something on me. As I said before, I see Aviva keeping her word to me, being a great mom, helping amputees, helping other's through her book and basically bringing it. Plus she is the mother of Harrison, who I adore and spend a lot of time with. I'm glad she kept it together at the Team Sonja party.

I thought it was hilarious when she took out her X-rays and then took out her leg and threw it on the table. I'm glad I warned her that the girls were saying she was faking her illness so she could be prepared."

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