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Sonja Morgan Weighs In On Her Harry Situation With LuAnn

Sonja Morgan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Sonja dishes on taking things to the next level with Harry, her issues with LuAnn, and of course, the brunette devil. Sonja writes:

"I think Heather did a great job with Carole's party. In fact, she asked me to do a skit with Joey Aria the cabaret performer and a drag artist, but at the last minute that fell through. The girls did a pretty good job themselves entertaining us, especially Heather reading Carole's self written speech. Hilarious! And, no Carole's demands were not excessive. It's her party! I get fanatical when planning.

I committed to getting a dog with Harry very much the way I committed to getting a dog with my daughter, very well knowing I'd be the one in charge of the dog! Edward at The Dog Store is who I bought Marley from for my daughter, and I love his dog Woody! He is a real star. He is so smart. After the funeral, I knew eventually I would want to get another poodle. So now it's a commitment poodle with Harry? How did it get to this? My new puppy Rouge actually ends up being a rescue dog. Long story and that comes out later.

I don't know what I think that Harry can prove to me at this point with these gestures, but there's always hope! He has been in my life for almost three decades and he always will be. I adore him. He's a soulmate, and we have an undeniable chemistry and ease together. Like Ramona says I light up around him. Carole, Lu, Aviva and Heather have all said they observe the same. We are very close and speak every morning. I know him like the back of my hand.

It brought me to tears again seeing Ramona pack Avery. You could cut the nerves with a knife. I will be experiencing the same very soon. I am also very close to my daughter. I am home every day 3:45 pm to be with her after school. We have dinner every nite at 6 pm. I don't miss my weekends with her. It will be hard for me as well.

I hardly ever see Avery crack. My daughter is the same. She is conservative and holds her emotions close to herself. Everything Ramona and I do is to make sure our daughters are provided for. We are both independent hard working women. This is a heavy chapter in life for mothers.

Speaking of emotions, seeing Aviva with the Boston marathon survivor, Heather Abbot at A Step Ahead reminds me that she has a sensitive caring side. I think the other girls lose sight of this at times. She has feelings, too. Even though she says tough things, it's a shield. In fact, she is tough on herself. I said that last year.

I really lost it seeing Ramona in the car taking Avery to the airport. It was very moving. Choked me up. So many changes for Ramona. I don't relish it myself, but I am strong. I will get through it because it's what is best for my daughter's growth and independence. What is important is our children know how much we love them and that we are there for them. That's the stability they need.

I love having my tarot cards read and get them done often because I find them inspirational. Very rarely do I get a reading where someone says there's a devil in my group. Thomas John really had me going! I had to go through every brunette in the group, and luckily he said it wasn't Carole. We have yet to find out who the brunette is. So many brunettes. So many bleached blondes. So many devils. So little time to analyze. I better call Roberta Tavassoli, one of my other psychics, and ask her! Oh, and I have been enjoying Mary Ellen Armstrong readings also. So many great Psychics so little time. And then there are astrologers. . .ah, recreation. I haven't even touched the iceberg of healers and Feng Sui. No less then 35 on Team Sonja!

I felt very bad when I heard Jacques and LuAnn broke up. I knew this day was coming as I pointed out at the Life and Style party last year because I always knew Jaques, being young, would want to have a family and LuAnn wants a different lifestyle. I just didn't want LuAnn to lose precious time. I want her to be happy in the long run. I want the forever for her and for her to not be in limbo. She said this bickering has been going on for months, yet never discussed any distress with me in Montana, on our long flight back, or in our bike ride. Never a word at any of our dinners, lunches, parties. Pretended everything was fine yet took her stress out on me saying I'm a bad friend and spend too much time with Ramona and have a babbling facialist that I should have put a plug in? (When I explained I goaded Satoko to tell me what was being said and Kristen and I gave it no credence). What does that have to do with what is really going on? We had no idea there was an imminent break up.

Now I understand why she's been so edgy and taking things out on me saying I'm not being a good friend. She's obviously sensitive now. All is not good in paradise as I described. When I confront her at Radzi's party for being duplicitous she says it's only been weeks when she just told the other girls it's been months. Lu and I discuss EVERYTHING. Real friends are not embarrassed. I don't know the real reason she didn't share her true situation with Jacques with me when we discussed our futures several times.

Harry never ceases to surprise me so when he gave me the ring it was typical Harry style, impromptu! What is also very Harry is to commit but not commit! He gives me a ring but not THE ring. I know Harry means what he says. He does want to take it to another level and even though his action seems last minute he has been thinking about this for some time. Like decades! We have discussed it many times. We will just have to see if Harry can back it up and commit to his commitment to commitment.

I confronted Lu about not telling me about Jacques because I'm very upfront and straightforward with my friends. I was very surprised she did not tell me, who she says is like family, and told others who she knew for a short time before me and at the same party. Meanwhile, she's been ragging on me about everything in a passive aggressive fashion saying that I haven't been there for her when she hasn't been upfront with me. Her reaction that I made her break up about myself is just not true.

My point is: how can I be a friend to her if she doesn't share what's going on in her life? We should just be party friends then. She shouldn't act concerned about my businesses and personal affairs and then be the queen of CRAFT (can't remember a freaking thing) after I begrudgingly share personal business details with her -- yet she doesn't share with me. It's better we keep it truly balanced and reciprocal.

Tune in next week to see how Lu and I deal with the Harry situation. It's really a deja vu. Great thing about knowing each other for a while is. . .we know each other. We really don't change our stripes. I speak my mind. I state where I stand but I don't hold a grudge. I love and support the people that support me. I can't change people though. I need to live my life and I can't control anyone else's life. Onwards and upwards! So. . .catch me if you can."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo