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Sonja Morgan On LuAnn de Lesseps: "I'm Not Jealous Of Her!"

Sonja Morgan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Sonja explains why Kristen could have used her tips, what she thought of the bossy fight, and what's going on with her friendship with Countess LuAnn. Sonja writes:

"I shouldn't say Kristen or Carole are bad hostesses. They just dont have the experience I have. It's been my business for decades now. I throw parties every week. I have dinner every night at my home, for no less then five people on average, and sometimes I have last minute dinners for tens of people impromptu. I'm asked many times to organize a Sonja In the City event in a matter of days. When someone else's plan falls through they can always count on me -- that's because I have the townhouse and there is no notice needed to reserve a commercial elevator (since I have my private elevator and no service fee). I can comfortably have 200 people on my first floor and in the garden (weather permitting). I have thrown events across the country and around the world for 10 to 2500 people.

I also have huge team of people I have cultivated over years to do public relations, sponsor events, perform, help with the invites, RSVPs, decor, and anything you can think of when throwing throwing an event. For example the Sonja In The City charity event in East Hamption became tricky because I needed places for 90 actors, Broadway performers, dancers, and singers to stay. That was not easy, but my contacts over the years came through. Hotels, homes, yachts, you name it, they stayed there.

I throw a Sonja In The City party nearly every month (some months several), so I am used to providing service, press, celebs, and a good mix of people and decor to create atmosphere to make sure the party goes into the wee hours and without incident! It's particularly important if you are on a private island or yacht. You don't want to be trapped with an unfortunate situation, like "Scary Island" (which I tried to circumvent) and have to fly someone out. I don't think Carole or Kristen have to be worried about creating that kind of atmosphere! I am critical of hosting, since it is my business, but I'm not that critical!!!

After geocaching I was happy Ramona took the initiative to have refreshments. I kept saying "Who has the refreshments?" They should have had a golf cart with a cooler. You didn't hear me saying that. I was dying in the dry woods looking for a box with dice in it as our prize. One piece of the dice! How do you say one dice? Die? Yes DIE! That what I wanted to do. It was hot, dry and dusty and no refreshements. Then you win one piece of the dice. Die.

I didn't want to wake up for glamping, but there is no fighting Ramona. You roll with the punches. She would not go without me for sure! I'm like her lucky penny. Boney Sony. She even wore my purple marchesite necklace from Mazzani Jewels inside out and upside down. It's supposed to go on doubled. She doesn't care as long as she has something of mine on. It makes her feel close to me.

When LuAnn says I'm like family it's because she knows we have that trust level. So why is she questioning it? I know our relationship will always be there because she is obviously going through something. People who know us both and especially my friends of decades know I wouldn't throw her under the bus. So her perception is just that her perception. Obviously I'm not jealous of her. I always want her happy. Hell! Who wants a friend nagging on them? We have only been friends for five or six years and mostly socially -- so I don't need to see this side of Lu!

The fight with Heather and Kristen wasn't surprising at all since Kristen has been outwardly judgmental and critical of everyone. For a new friend, I find it strange, but I see so many come and go. It's really not my concern. I thought she was fine as a social friend. It's when she called me delusional with her husband while not knowing my businesses nor my business plan that I decided I better not waste my valuable energy helping her. That's not the kind of friends that I have built my life with. I do NOT think what I have built is delusional. It's VERY REAL and I spend LONG, real days managing my businesses that I have worked on building since 14 years old. I have created tens of millions of dollars. I do not ask my girlfriends what they do to manage their finances and businesses. I support their dreams. I listen. I have built what I have from love and light, not from fear. I will continue to build while others try to poo poo my vision. There will always be those who are naysayers. But I have achieved much through visualization and will continue to dream and manifest.

I know people have mixed feelings about rodeos but I grew up barreling and love it. I am one with the horses, as I said I am a Sagittarius. However as a philanthropist who supports animals I do feel bad for the cattle being tied up. I asked about the belts they put on the horses to make them buck and was told it doesn't hurt them that it just makes them uncomfortable. The jury is out on that one.

I did get the hot dog. In fact, I'm in France now and it's dinner time so I could really go for a hot dog! I'm over here to get my things from my house that I sold. I texted Heather to say I was coming here to work on securing financing out of Switzerland on my French home and open it and prepare it for sale. That's why I missed her Anniversary party. I also thought the vibe would be bad if Ramona and I went.

Kristen's statement about Heather being bossy in her marriage crossed the line. I think when she couldn't get a rise out of Heather she resorted to that to get the attention she has been vying for all along. Ramona trying to make peace took the cake but of course she insults poor Jonathan in the process. I find him adorable and extremely attractive. Don't you?

I always make fun of Ramona's clothes, hats, bags shoes, etc., because she gives me comedic licence. Making fun of Ramona's big underwear was just a way to be cute with the girls (since no men were around) and to show my intimacy with her. I used to be able to call Lu "Pumpkin Head" and myself "Pin Head" like we did in London last year, but these days she is very sensitive. There is obviously more going on then she is telling me. When Ramona comes back with the fact I expose my "t--- and ass" I have to laugh. She's always been a prude compared to my half-naked modeling day ways. That's what makes our relationship dynamic and fun! We are Laverne and Shirley in that way. If she is down or I am out of sorts and we have a spat, it's just a sisterly tiff or an annoyance -- not a do or die. We are like the Golden Girls now. LOL.

I gave Kristen positive feedback during the happy hour because, whether you tick me off of not, I'm going to complement you when I think you are doing something great. I want people to do well regardless of my disagreements with them. I don't wish people badly. On the contrary, I want everyone to evolve and make this planet better for everyone, especially the children who are our future and innocent.

When Ramona comes back with "you expose your tits and ass " I have to laugh because she is such a prude in comparison to my half naked modeling days way of life. We are like Laverne and Shirley. That's the dynamic of our relationship that makes us fun! We are the Golden Girls now actually. LOL

I gave Kristen a complement during happy hour because no matter what our disagreements if I think someone is doing something great I am going to tell them. I never wish someone badly. I want everyone on this planet to evolve (like Aviva for example), especially our children who are innocent and our future. Missoula had very nice people. Paws Up is first class!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo