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Sonja Morgan On LuAnn de Lesseps And Ramona Singer's Relationship: "It's Very Passive-Aggressive!"

Sonja Morgan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Sonja discusses her relationship with Harry, botox, Mario's tune for Ramona, and who she really thinks is the best singer. Sonja writes:

"I try to make my intern hiring process as daunting as possible to discourage any applicants from thinking that it's all fun and games -- because I'm in the business of being entertaining with Sonja in The City and my charity work. Some of the more naive types think my behind-the-scenes work is light and fun. It couldn't be further from the truth. Managing my homes, investments, personal affairs, sorting through potential opportunities, and maintaining my philanthropic endeavors (all while keeping my daughter as my number one priority) makes for a challenging day at work. Therefore, when I choose an intern -- before they even make it to the daunting interview experience -- I look for a very high GPA, combined with previous intern experience and hopefully some job experience. And, most definitely, charity work is a must on their résumé. Then, I look to their major, minor, other interests, and what they're hoping to gain by interning with me. If I'm going to spend my time showing them the ropes, I need to know that they're going to put it to good use and that it would apply to the right field. Having said that, good life lessons always apply -- like learning how to schedule!

I didn't think telling Aviva about what everyone said about her on the trip was going to spark a reaction. I wanted to her to be prepared. I wanted to tell Aviva that everyone was doubting her illness, and I felt that it wasn't healthy and that she should be warned. What I have seen since St. Barth's is Aviva making positive changes. The girls are not experts in the medical field nor in psychology. I feel that it should be left to Aviva's doctors and other experts, which she's been clearly advised by. Giving Aviva the head's up would give her the strength and ammunition she would need to keep it together should a confrontation occur. Believe me, I have been there for all of their "concernings." It doesn't help you get ahead. In fact, it can set you back if you're not strong-minded. The girl clearly has asthma, among other illnesses.

It's never too young to start speaking to professionals about cosmetic procedures and to plan ahead. I like to be educated and know my options. Ever since being a young model, I have always availed myself of what information is out there, however I am extremely cautious in my approach. I know that Kristen has been considering using Botox, and certainly Dr. Giese is someone that she could consider as a practioner. There are so many different ways to use Botox, and different doctors have different techniques.

Not every doctor specializes in every technique that can be done with Botox. It can be used on the neck and even under your arms these days for sweating! It can be used for trout mouth, the cords down your neck, for the creases at the corner your eyes, and so much more. It's not only for the wrinkles on your forehead or that crease between your eyebrows. Many people would be very surprised, and look less surprised perhaps if they go to the wrong doctor!

I have to be very careful with Botox because I'm known for my expressions and I have to perform at my different Sonja In The City events, appearances, and sometimes for my charity work. There are so many different machines on the market, I don't know where to begin! When I go to see Dr. Neil Sadick, he has one machine. Dr. Giese has a different machine. Dr. Kassir has another machine! I have yet to try the vampire facial. Everyone is doing that where they inject your own blood into your face! Even my doctor Erika Schwartz has machines to monitor and increase life longevity and make me more beautiful.

Now Harry and I are both single again. I've broken up with my boyfriend of three years, Brian, and ended my brief six months with Ben after Ramona's meddling, and Harry's three-year-relationship with the fabulous Georgia (who Aviva and I both adored) has ended. I thought "why not settle down and give it a go?" Harry and Aviva have finally settled their financial differences that I was so upset about at the last reunion, and I want nothing but happiness for Harry's son, Harrison.

Ramona and LuAnn have a very special relationship. It's very passive-aggressive. Why Ramona decided to badger LuAnn about not getting up to perform, I don't know. Why does she ever badger LuAnn? LuAnn always gives a great performance with or without practice.

Ramona and I have always shared the bathroom -- with or without Mario around. So when I said I've heard Mario sing in the shower, I wasn't kidding. Mario's performance was incredibly romantic and made me tear up. It's wonderful to have tens of years of marriage together. I'm surprised the other girls said that it was too romantic. Nothing can be too romantic. I love LOVE!

I thought Heather's performance was off the charts, but I wouldn't say she's a better singer than LuAnn. I think they are both great performers and I enjoy watching both of them and being a part of it."

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The Real Housewives of New York City airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo