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LuAnn de Lesseps On Heather And Kristen's Fight: "I Thought The Fight Was Ridiculous To Begin With"

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. LuAnn thinks Heather and Kristen's fight was ridiculous, but she thanks Ramona for putting out a "Turtle Time" spread. LuAnn writes:

"What a great time I've had in Montana. It hardly feels like almost a week has passed by. We were so busy with so many fun activities and late nights of catfights that it went quickly but I'm happy to get back to the Big Apple!

Ramona's efforts to arrange drinks, cheese and crackers for us after a long day of geo-caching was much appreciated. I can say a lot of things about Ramona, but I have to hand it to her when it comes to partying. Turtle time just isn't the same without a little grub in your belly and a drink in your hand! It was nice to be out of my house as the tension was a little thick between Heather and Kristen. I knew that dinner was going to be a rough one?

I was really looking forward to glamping. I haven't been camping in quite a while and I must say this was a really chic way of doing it, In fact, I wouldn't do it any other way! The cabins were beautiful and we had an incredibly nice staff looking after us the whole time, including cowboys who would walk you back and forth to your cabin in the dark. Thank God! The food was good and it was a beautiful night to be in the wilderness.

I thought Ramona was incredibly rude to trash Kristen's ability to be a hostess. Ramona can be very demanding and Kristen wasn't prepared for a woman like this! Sure there could of been more attention paid to drinks and snacks, but we aren't kids who can't wait for the meal to come. Your guests you learn to go with the program, which is not Ramona's specialty. I usually load up on things at the airport in case of emergency when I'm going to uncharted waters.

Sonja was chiming right in with Ramona as usual in regards to Kristen's hostessing skills. Both of them were acting like diva brats! I expect it from Ramona but Sonja? She has changed so much these days. I don't even recognize the Sonja I once knew. Of course, when Ramona is around it only gets worse! Ramona doesn't affect Sonja in a positive way. I don't even trust her anymore and that's why I refer to her at the wicked step sister -- nice one minute and nasty behind your back the next. I'm very saddened by our relationship at the moment!

I loved the rodeo! Bucking broncos is something I've never experienced. The whole day was just awesome. I loved the people and the way they love their craft. The kids riding the sheep was the cutest thing ever. My least favorite was the port-a-potties (had to look that spelling up) LOL! When you gotta go you gotta go. I find holding your nose to be the most practical thing to do in this situation. It's not the first time I've been in one obviously!

I was happy that by the end of the trip Kristen and Heather finally made up.. I thought the fight was ridiculous to begin with. Who is Kristen to judge Heather and vice versa? I like them both very much so I'm glad they let it go! It would be a pity to end the trip on a sour note. Apart from all the drama we had a GREAT TIME and I'll never forget repelling off that mountain EVER!"

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The Real Housewives of New York City airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo