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Kristen Taekman On Aviva Drescher: 'She Really, Truly Is The "Girl Who Cried Wolf"'

Kristen Taekman is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Kristen thinks Sonja could make money, but thinks there's nothing to say about Aviva but that she's "f---ed up." Kristen writes:

"Oh the Reunion. . .This day long event has been looming over my head since I started my first season of RHONY. Everyone talked about how long and draining the day would be. How everything comes out on the “couch” etc.

I have to say it was cool to be there. I felt prepared and loved my look -- outfit, hair, make up. I spent the night at the hotel the night before, so I was well rested. No kids waking me up in the middle of the night.
It was very overwhelming seeing how big the production was, so many cameras and a huge crew. Plus all of us girls had at least two to thee people with us between hair, make up, stylists, etc.

It was so fun to be with Andy and get to spend the day with him. I was thrilled when I found out that I would be sitting next to him. Ramona later told me that was a big deal. I have to say watching myself I realize that I had a lot of anger. I am guessing that's the point of the Reunion -- it lets it all out. You are telling every one how you feel about hearing what was said behind your back.

Yes Josh treated me to new boobs.  I upgraded to silicone "gummy bears." I had to replace my old ones. And that's that. . . #TMI

I thought that all the woman looked stunning. That's the fun part about the Reunion! Check out my blog to get more info on my outfit and overall reunion look.

I was very annoyed when Avivia called me out on being a "Rookie" and implying that I didn't know how things were done? It's reality. There are no rules. She was so in the wrong for telling me to shut the f--- up in front of the kids. There really isn't much for her to say but that she "f---ed up."

How weird was that comment Aviva made about claiming that Carole had an open relationship?Where is she getting this word on the street???

The whole Aviva asthma thing. She really, truly is the "Girl Who Cried Wolf." Why can't she just admit that she didn't want to go on the trip for whatever reason? She always has an excuse. She didn't join us on any getaways? The shame is that is when you really get to know someone when you travel. . .

Sonja, lovely Miss Morgan. . .NO ONE understands her businesses not even her. She talked for four months about all these businesses, and when Andy asked her about them she was speechless. She started going on and on about real estate? That's great. I am happy for her. But what about all of the other stuff? I was confused, all the other girls were confused, Andy was confused, and I know you at home were confused. That's when I just had to a call her out!

Diddy goes on her yacht? Where is Sonja's yacht? Hmmmmm. What is your husband some sort of an expert? YES! He is! That's why I had you sit down with him. I thought he could help give you some direction and help you get focused. I believe Sonja could be successful creating and selling products with her brand and her promoting it, but you have to have focus and understand who your customer is. Plus, you actually have to have a product in the market to sell -- and she can't name one single thing you can buy anywhere! Just saying. . .

Sonja implying Josh didn't know what he was doing and that EBOOST isn't anywhere? That's when I couldn't take anymore and had to shut it down. YOUR DELUSIONAL!!! Enough. . ."

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The Real Housewives of New York City airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo