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Kristen Taekman: 'Aviva Is A Brilliant Actress, And The Oscar Goes To Aviva's Leg'

Kristen Taekman is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Kristen is in shock after Aviva's "Oscar-worthy" performance and wonders what's really ailing her. Kristen also dishes what was it like to work with her husband, Josh. Kristen writes:

"I find it very hard to believe that Lu left with Harry? Lu has been there, done that. Onward and upward! Not to mention she was very upset over her break up with Jacques.

Josh is doing an EBOOST Campaign! There is no way in hell that I am letting him use someone else. Case closed! So guess who is the new EBOOST Girl? "Energy Never Felt So Good!"

Heather and Carole talking about Jax and his ear issues was so heart-wrenching. Then Carole bringing up her late husband felt so heavy and sad. I really can not begin to imagine what Carole has gone through -- or what Heather faces with Jax on a day-to-day. All one can pray for in life is good health and to try to make the most of every waking moment.

EBOOST ad campaign: the whole premise of the ad campaign was high energy. Feel great and do more! THe idea was to visually show how "Energy Never Felt So Good." Hmm. . .the only way I knew how to do that was thinking about a mini-orgasm. Yes, very very awkward to do in front of a photographer -- never mind a group of people including your husband. But I am a professional, and I will always get the job done!

What was even more exciting was EBOOST secured an amazing photographer Antoine Verglas. Antoine is considered one of the top fashion photographers and has shot every single supermodel over the last 15 years. You see all his amazing prints in his studio. I had worked with him a long time ago, and it felt really good to work with him again. It was also really good for Josh and I to be working together as a team. I think he was super impressed seeing me on the set and doing my job. Therapy really helped us get on the same page, and we were really in sync with the shoot. It felt great and was personally rewarding. #teamtaekman

Le Cirque. . .Politely rude.

Sonja decided to have a Team Sonja party, and at this point I had met a bunch of these people and actually use some of them -- spray tan, facialist, etc. -- so I was looking forward to seeing some familiar faces!

This was the first time we were all seeing Aviva since Montana. The whole thing was so weird when she walked in. You could cut the air with a knife! We had no idea how she would react to us. Ohhh you wait!

Sonja walked in very late to her own party -- not to anyone's surprise, might I add. I think everyone was hoping or expecting for her to come over to our table and greet all of us, which she never did. Instead she launched into incredibly long-winded and bizarre speech, Sonja Morgan style. Hmmmm. . . Well it is your party. You can say what you want to I guess.

Aviva walks in with the biggest bag I have ever seen. Aviva insisted that we all sit down. Fishy. Hmmmm... Watching this we really had no idea what was going on, but if you watch it back you can see the signs. She wanted us all to sit around that particular table that had a long tablecloth and when Carole and Heather got up and walked away she insisted that they come back and sit down?So weird. Normally one of us would have walked off and left. I am convinced she had this planned out for sometime. It just felt way too orchestrated.

X-rays, doctor's business cards, inhalers, pills, what else did she have in that bag? I was waiting for her to break out a gas mask and oxygen tank.

Asthma, reflux, anxiety? What else? Something gets fixed on her, and then something else on her breaks. Listen I am not bagging on asthma. She just has cried wolf too many times, and it's just plain old hard to believe her any longer. If Carole says that she actully feels bad for Aviva at his point, then we have a problem!

Unbelievable. I really forgot about her fake leg. Wow I was in complete shock. One minute we are arguing, the next minute there is a leg on the table!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Aviva is a brilliant actress. And the Oscar goes to -- Aviva's leg for running off with the scene.

PS: She even offered to crawl home!


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