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Kim Zolciak Reveals How She Picked Her Baby Names

The third season of Don't Be Tardy premiered this Thursday on Bravo.Kim Zolciak dishes on the premiere episode exclusively to Bravo about the birth of her twin babies and the emotional scare she faced during in the delivery room. Also, Kim reveals how she and Kroy settled on the twins' names and how it is raning teenagers, toddlers and her twins. Check it out below! What's the best part of your new home?
Kim Zolciak-Biermann: Our new home is fantastic. It has everything you can dream of. I really love how Kash’s room turned out. I love what we call the Hollywood room, which is the girls’ TV room. Our master [bedroom] is just perfect. What was your first thought when you found out you were having twins?
Kim: I knew something was different with the pregnancy, because I kept falling asleep in the beginning. I was incredibly tired, more than any other pregnancy. I kept telling my doctor something is wrong, so I went and saw him and he ran a bunch of tests and did some bloodwork. He did an ultrasound and then he said, “Oh, I know why you’re so tired, because there’s two!” I cried at first in shock, because Rose, our psychic, did say we were going to have twins. I think I was in shock, and I was also overwhelmed. I thought, “Oh my god, how is my body going to do this?” And it’s scary carrying two in your stomach. It’s considered a high-risk pregnancy at that point. How worried were you in the hospital when they said Baby A was down?
Kim: Well I have a nursing background, obviously, so I know what’s going on, but when it happens to you, you kind of forgot everything you’ve ever learned. And so when the nurse kept saying Baby A is down, I said Baby A was head down the entire time, whereas Baby B would flip and be breach and be head down. So I was thinking, “Well duh, of course Baby A is down, she’s been head down the whole time.” And then when I saw the doctor coming in and I saw the nurses and I saw people kind of scurrying around and I saw my husband, I thought, “Oh my god, her heartbeat is down.” And it really kind of scared the sh-- out of me. And Kroy was lying to me, because I knew something was weird. I felt very weird -- prior to that my blood pressure had really plummeted. Between having the camera crew there and having a situation where I’m having two babies at one time (far different than one), and then having my blood pressure plummet, I wanted to let Kroy know that I was feeling very weird, but the camera crew was there and I didn’t want people to become alarmed. I think Baby’s A heartbeat dropped possibly because my blood pressure dropped so much. But we do have a great medical team, my OBGYN is amazing -- that is why we drive an hour and fifteen minutes to see him. How did you come up with the names Kane and Kaia?
Kim: Kroy came up with Kaia years ago. After the wedding we had talked about baby names: What will we name him if we have a boy, what will we name her if we have a girl? So it was Kash or Kaia, we always liked the name Kaia. As for Kane, I always liked that name. It was four letters and we needed another K. We were also considering going totally away from the Ks. We had talked to Brielle and Arianna, because we didn’t want them to feel left out. We asked them, “What do you guys think, should we go with Sienna and Sage?” And they said, “Just go with the Ks if that’s what you want.” So that's what we did. How difficult was it to drink the placenta smoothie?
Kim: To be honest with you, I can drink just about anything. I can drink wheatgrass,  just because they say it's could for you. But mentally drinking the placenta smoothie was rough. But taste-wise, you would never know. It tasted kind of like a fruit smoothie with a little bit of a metallic taste at the end. I definitely feel like it really helped me. I had a lot of energy. I was struggling with blood pressure problems after the delivery, so it really helped me. Who's the best mac and cheese/chicken nugget chef in the house?
Kim: Generally Kroy. Do Brielle and Ariana help out with taking care of the kids?
Kim: Ariana is the best. I can leave her at home with all the little ones for a week. She knows their routine, what they eat, everything. Brielle, on the other hand, is 18 and she uses all the little babies for Twitter and Instagram photos, and then she’s done. She will help out if I ask her, but I don’t know if she’s even changed a diaper. But Ariana, I can’t even count how many diapers she's changed. She’s probably done 400. I think it’s just the age and the difference of personality. How difficult is it to get alone time with Kroy?
Kim: We don’t ever seem to get alone time. We’ll try to go hide out and get alone time, but I won’t tell you which room, because then everybody would find out. We do have a specific place where we’ll  hide out and try to get some alone time (if you know what I mean). But before you know it KJ is shouting, “Dad!” Sweetie's shouting, “Kim, somebody’s here!” So we hide out and they don’t know we’re in here, but they’re going to find out soon. I just know it. But it does have a lock on the door.

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo