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Aviva Drescher: 'The Way Sonja Was Treated At The Reunion Was Unconscionable, It Was Unacceptable And Mean'

Aviva Drescher is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Aviva explains why she snapped at Kristen during the play date and how the leg toss really came to be. Aviva feels like Sonja got attacked and finds it "unacceptable and mean." Aviva writes:

"Holy Reunion!!!
Before we get into the reunion (doesn't everyone look gorgeous?), I need to touch on a few items mentioned in Carole's last blog.

If Carole only KNEW how long I had been planning this leg throw. . .

Part A: First I had to get my leg chewed up by a machine. That part of the plan was very successful.

Part B: Then I had to throw it. . .

Part C: Then I had to endure Carole's trying to get a leg up on me.

I did not premeditate the leg throw. As Heather stood above me and yelled at me calling me "phony," "laughable," etc. I thought, "Somebody has to put their foot down." And ah ha! I just happened to have had one handy. . .

And it worked. Those bitches reacted like they'd seen a Real Housewife of Atlanta.

BTW I loosen my leg often when I am sitting to promote bloodflow. I can get the gizmo on and off faster than Heather can flick her ghetto fabulous switch blade. Ready, Heather? DRAW!


We are back to the STFU moment. I went to a children's art location expecting a playdate and fun -- and instead I had Kristen droning on and on about how she didn't want to hear about BookGate any longer. I said, "No problem. Done." I think that what you missed of her incessant rant and me saying, "Let's not talk about this here," and she just wouldn't stop talking about it. Call me crazy, but if you are asking someone to stop talking about something, shouldn't you yourself stop talking about it??? Why did I say STFU? That was my way of expressing that I wanted her to STFU. I would say almost anything to get that Kristen "gatemouth" look. The one that looks like this.

Nonetheless: as I have said before, one of the activities was making soap, and I washed my mouth out with soap soon after. Luckily the children didn't hear it.

Carole and Russ: I don't understand why Carole continues to lie at the reunion. It's all in the show. Last season when Carole and I went shopping at the vintage store together she told me that she and Russ had an open relationship. Russ is a musician and Carole had accepted that he would be sleeping around with groupies. We spoke about it often and it honestly never seemed to bother her. That is why I nicknamed her "Cool Carole." I wish Carole would start being honest about her men, her writing, etc.

Asthma? Still? Boringo. This was like a modern day Inquisition and it didn't matter whether or not I was ill. Instead of basing judgements on medical facts, judgments about my health have been based on five post-menopausal bitches.

The way Sonja was treated at the reunion was unconscionable. It was unacceptable and mean. Seeing some of these ladies act like shrews towards another person besides me is really painful to watch. Love you, Sonja!"

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The Real Housewives of New York City airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo