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Rumor Alert: Is Gabi Grecko Joining The Second Season Of The Real Housewives Of Melbourne?

Reality TV star, model and DJ Gabi Grecko, most notably for appearing on the US reality show Club Kids New York is about to make Melbourne her new home, the 25-year-old Gabi Grecko, who's dating 71 year old Geoffrey Edelsten may have her eyes on landing a role on the next season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Grecko revealed to MailOnline on Saturday that a role on the Real Housewives Of Melbourne isn't just a pipe dream. 'When I get everything straight with settling here, being on HWOM could definitely be in the cards.'

Gabi Grecko (on the left) was photographed with Real Housewives Of Melbourne star Janet Roach and a friend on Friday night

Gabi was luckily enough to meet one of the show's cast members, Janet Roach, on Friday night. Referring to Janet, she said: 'I met Susan (Janet) a night ago, sweetest lady.'

A fan of the Australian installment, she only had kind words for the other ladies: 'I don't know the other housewives but they seem super intellectual and great, and I hope we can all meet.'

'I have much respect for them and I think we could have a great time together.'

Gabi posted a photo of the meeting to her social media page with Janet and another friend. Captioned: 'Wine Tasting', the American posed in a very raunchy corset - which she revealed to MailOnline that she would be wearing 24 hours a day for an entire year.

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Source: The Daily Mail
Photo Credit: Getty Images