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Recap: RHOC Season 9 - Episode 9: Not A Good Day LA

by: Joshua Pramuk

After last week's 'Let's go after Heather because we need more than one mouth to make it a fight.' Fight, the OC is STILL heating up. So let's get into this weeks drama. This week we start off with Vicki, having lunch with Heather. I have to say that Heather's fashion choices are usually amazing and chic compared to the rest of the OC ladies. Heather is still dealing with Shannon's party. Vicki says Tamra has a different way of dealing with conflict. Tamra sabotages friendship’s, she is going to end up bitter and alone. I mean she has the bitter part down! Heather says 'you told me she'll turn on you, you'll see.'

Tamra is a raging bitch, and we all know it. Vicki apologizes for talking behind Heather's back. Vicki feels less than Heather Dubrow, Vicki it's very, very strong of you to own up to what was said behind Heather's back. Honestly I never thought it would happen, but it shows that you care for Heather. Let's face it, Heather intimidates ALL of these women. Vicki may have been acting insecure, but Vicki has always had insecurities! She's never claimed to be perfect. Heather saying that Vicki is feeling less than is 'her problem and not mine' is harsh. It's the truth but show some compassion Heather! Wait, I forgot... probably the only word NOT in Mrs. Dubrow's vocabulary. Vicki, what are these warm feelings I have towards you now? It's freaking me out!

Lizzie is judging the Miss Santa Monica pageant. Lizzie is awesome!  She states that she's a stay at home mom, but she has to be able to do her own thing! Lizzie is drop dead gorgeous! Honey, do what you do! You aren't living life if your not doing what makes you happy! You do have a lot on your plate but if you want baby number three go for it! I hope this time its a little Lizzie!

Tamra is in her kitchen with Eddie and she's complaining about how awkward it's going to be on Good Day LA. What ever happened to being grateful?? Ohhhhh that's right, this is Tamra Barney we’re talking about. If you haven't reached out, that's on you. Heather, Tamra, and Eddie are showing up at the studio, separately of course. Heather says she didn't go out of her way to help Tamra on what work for the segment. Heather, why help someone who will not even apologize after they are in the wrong? Tamra could have knocked the segment out of the park, but this bitch doesn't pick up a phone. All Tamra is doing is making herself look worse!

Heather had to change, and the segment was awkward, these bitches are in separate rooms. Heather is worried about how it may of looked. She didn't want to seem rude. Tamra on the other hand is continuously going on and on, bitch you're fitness studio was just given a major opportunity, by a friend! The way you talk about Heather is like total bullshit. She tries but it seems like you just want to hurt her. Not cool Tamra!

Shannon Beador! She's definitely knocked something upstairs loose as a child. The way David and Shannon go at each others, to me, they're definitely the Bobby and Whitney of the OC. I know how it feels to feel unloved for that I feel for Shannon. She said no wants to feel that way, but on the other hand bitching and moaning about every little thing will not help! Make an effort, obvious Shannon is not, staying up all night. DRUGS! You're right Shannon this is not the way a marriage should be. Then do something ABOUT IT!

Vicki, Briana, Ryan, and Michael are there for the Gender Revel. Briana, Vicki wants a girl. I found myself saying “Pink! Pink! Please let it be pink" but of course it was blue. Briana is thrilled. Hey I couldn't deal with Vicki’s drama as her kid. Money talks, bullshit walks! Tamra calls Heather because NOW Tamra feels bad. Bitch you know Heather could do way more for you, that's not a friend. Tamra wants a friendship of convince. Trashy Tam, it's not all about you! Shannon goes to get her heart looked at, because 'David hurts her heart.' Bawhahahaha like you are completely innocent! No shit your relationship isn't going well! Some of the things Shannon says pulls at me. I really relate to the pain she's going through. I can't sleep either, My mind races and I have anxiety like she does. Long story short, David sent her an E-mail telling her he’s moving out. This is where she blow my mind! Shannon says she could go to bed when David does, but if stress keeps you up... well then Bio you can't lie to David because contradictions aren't becoming my dear!

Time for Tamra vs. Heather! I love Heather's look! Fabulous! Tamra, and Heather want the friendship to work yet Tamra is always looking at the negative. I agree with Heather, Tamra should have apologized after the party! It's like Tamra wanted to be treated like royalty on Good Day LA. How the fuck do you expect Heather to be like 'Oh honey, let me make this work for you!' After all you've done to Heather you think she should bend over backwards for you? Heather is not going to just bend over and take it like you want her to. We know you're getting none from Eddie.

This fight is getting deep. Tamra still doesn't believe Heather had nothing to do with the other fitness studio. Ohhhh here comes the no tears OC. If you're going to fake cry Tamra, then please push out real tears. Heather apologized but Tamra never did. What kind of bullshit is that? Tamra is now talking to Heather about Shannon! 'She drinks way too much.' Okay so that's true yet I love when Tamra says 'Now we have to get you (Heather) and Shannon to be friends.' Heather's reply: 'Don't push it!' Heather's impression of Shannon!!!  Everything. Heather Dubrow as Shannon Beador should be in the lifetime movie 'Why Doesn't my Husband Love Me' For now it looks like Heather and Tamra finally  made up.

Lizzie's husband Christian is clueless when it comes to kids, buddy you better learn fast because that smoking hot wife wants another kid. Her mom said she can't help with this one. Step up Christian, Lizzie deserves help just for being Lizzie! Shannon wants advice from Tamra for her broken marriage?!? Tamra?? Shannon go see a holistic relationship expert. Sounds right up your ally. Tamra has like absolutely no advice, shocker! Well next week looks like an episode that can't be missed! Until then!

ICYMI: Watch the full episode of RHOC Season 9, Episode 9 HERE!

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