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Recap: RHOC Season 9 - Episode 8: Not So Silent Night

by: Joshua Pramuk

This week we are in for a wickedly shady Christmas Party... right show, wrong time AND place as the ladies of the OC dish the dirt! After this the season is to be vicious apparently *cough* Shannon, and Tamra *Cough* - Shannon is throwing a fabulous Christmas Party,  she cracks me up, saying they try to keep the party budget low, but yet she doesn't know the budget. She just doesn't want to brag. Brag away girl you are obviously selling out a lot of doe for this party. Save us the humble speech because we can tell you aren't about that life. Tamra and Ryan are back to see Dr. Lee. Tamra obviously likes the HGH. She feels like she is aging. Bitch YOU ARE! That's life.

Ryan's results are getting read and his iron is really high, he’s at danger of getting a heart attack. At first I feel for Tamra I mean the kid is only twenty eight and that's scary. However at the same Tamra tries to be his friend, paying his way, and just allowing him to take HGH? So prescription was her idea, which still blows my mind. 'You don't need to drug yourself up to make yourself look better just be happy with who you are.' BAHAHAHAHA Tamra this is RICH, scratch that, FUCKING RICH coming from you. Ms. HGH and botox! 'Hehehe the Tamra Judge Barney way.' You had me Tamra, then oops you lost me. Ryan says he'll get his system cleaned up and come back to retest.

Heather is at Good Day L.A. to promote Hawaii 5.0 and she got the opportunity to co-host 'a little bit,' love the dress she brought for her segment. Maroon suits you FancyPants. She gets offered a co-hosting gig and of course she says she'll take it, any spotlight this actress can get she'll take! She says the other host is like her second husband 'but it's better because you don't have to buy me things ' No, but he will have to listen to you nag.  Definitely second husband material! Tamra is telling Eddie about Ryan's medical issues,  Eddie is like not listening after she already basically told him Ryan had medical issues. He's all 'what kind of issues?' Really Eddie? This scene seems forced and uncomfortable. Just cook your food Eddie!

It's time for the Christmas Party! Shannon and David can you do anything right?... more like can David do anything right with this Mega Bitch Of the OC. Heather and Terry, this couple now that's how you do it, take notes newlyweds! They have to record Hawaii 5.0 because they will be attending the party. Heather says she feels her and Shannon are in a good place, at least she thinks they are. Shannon went out of that sit-down with low expectations. She doesn't even want to try with Heather, so Heather honey, don't hold your breath because you'll probably die.

Tamra and Eddie are the first to arrive, Tamra looks fierce in a sexy black jumper. Shannon pulls Tamra to the side to talk about her meeting with Heather. She says she might doubt Heather's authenticity because she's an actress???  Give me a break. Heather is HEATHER in her daily life, why would she choose to be someone else for you? She wouldn't Shannon, because really your not that important. At least not in Heather's world! OMG the camera shade by bravo as Eddie turns on the charm for this guy he meets named Kevin, I AM DYING! Lizzie and her husband Christian have arrived! Lizzie is dressed for Christmas faux fur probably as she slams and puts as the door against the wall 'Always coming in with a bang!' Next to arrive is Heather and Terry, then Vicki and now Danielle.

Lizzie is talking to Vicki and I have to agree, this side of Vicki is awesome definitely in the Christmas spirit. I hope Vicki is warming up to Lizzie! Heather is pulling Eddie and Tamra aside to tell them she pitched Cut Fitness to Good Day L.A. and they loved the idea. However Tamra has problems getting over things! She’s still holding a grudge with Heather over another fitness studio that was on featured on Good Day L.A. when Heather hosted the show before. Heather let Tamra know because she knew Tamra would be upset. This was Heather's opportunity! I totally agree Heather, Tamra doesn't understand the situation before that you were doing a TEST RUN so they brought on people you'd be comfortable with! I also agree the moment you do have a say, you pitched Tamra!  Be grateful! Don't cry over something Heather had no control over. You look ungrateful and, I've being blunt which I always am, like a hostile witch with a broomstick in her ass. Tamra you don't know Heather had anything to do with it. 'I know damn well she did.' Those voices in your head need to be turned down Tamra.

Heather is trying to talk to Vicki about her Oklahoma trip but Terry and Tamara's loud asses are ruining the moment so Heather and Vicki excuse themselves and Vicki who's sparkling dress is so festive! A+ FOR EFFORT! 'Now I know what it's like to be loud. It's not pretty.' May not be pretty at all, but no one does loud like Vicki! This is a very touching moment. Vicki opens up about her feelings; she's distraught because her daughter is leaving. Heather is trying to console her, but until Heather knows what Vicki is going through, she can't say 'then you can start your own life.' Briana is such a big part of Vicki's life, Heather I know you trying to be a friend, just console, don't give advice in a situation you have not been through. It's like me giving sex advice to a straight guy, it's just not going to go over well.

Tamra, Lizzie, Shannon and Danielle sit down and catch up! Tamra says she feels really uncomfortable and then starts talking SHIT, once again about Good Day L.A. Shannon jumps right on the Hate Heather Bandwagon. Who am I kidding? Shannon has been riding that bus since before #ChairGate. Tamra planted that bug and Shannon has ran with it. Make up your own mind, don't be a puppet, we can see who's pulling your strings. Lizzie thinks it's great that Heather pitched Cut Fitness but Shannon thinks it's 'fucking bullshit'. The only bullshit I hear is what's coming out of Tamra and Shannon's mouth. Tamra goes on telling Shannon that after the hoe-down. Heather told Tamra to pick a side...  what Heather really said was chose a lane! Meaning be my friend all the time or not at all. Tamra tells more lies to stir the pot then botox injections she's gotten. That speaks volumes.

So Heather has entered the room and Tamara's face is priceless. Middle aged cougar in deer in the headlights anyone? Here comes Vicki. Awkward silence, so Lizzie breaks the silence by throwing Tamra under the bus, and she does pro housewife style! She says basically this girl was talking shit and I have your back Heather so let's just get it out there! She's hurt, but she isn't going to bring it up. As your friend Heather I will. Speak it sister!  Tamara's reaction in her confessional: 'Lizzy need to shut the fuck up!' Nice Tamra, so refined, and eloquent. Tamra never told the girls she had already talked to Heather and Shannon really?  Who made Lizzie boss to decide when yours and Tamra's issues need to be discussed? In Lizzie's eyes this has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU SHANNON! This is between Heather and Tamra. Period, point blank. By all means make this the Shannon show. Uhhhhh no. Heather tells her side of the story. 'Why would I go out of my way to upset you?' says Heather. Tamra's response, 'Why did you.' Really? Really?

Of course Heather is pissed that Tamra doesn't believe her. Ohhhh but here comes Shannon, these women are ruthless and Heather is slaying both of them with truths and the uncanny ability to talk these bitches under the table. Vicki is thrilled this fight for once isn't about her! Then Vicki says this is a stupid fight and that Heather did nothing wrong. Kudos Vicki!!! Tamra wants to bring up Terry's texts. I do have to agree that Heather should have let Terry talk. Heather this does makes you look guilty. I don't think you are lying, it just looks bad. I love the way Heather goes at a bitch.  'Have I ever lied to you? If you would have asked me I'd say no Tamra you never lied to me.' Better friend? We got a winner in Heather Dubrow. Tamra can't it take anymore so she leaves the room, best exit I've seen all night. Heather gets a phone call from her son, stating he is having pain in this stomach. We couldn't see the phone so we don't know if the phone lit up. Vicki claims it was fake phone call. Vicki, maybe you were sleeping during the fight, and didn't regain consciousness till after she picked up?

Heather and Terry are leaving and Shannon says she's proud of Tamra for sticking up for herself. That's not what she did Shannon. She put Heather down because Tamra is JEALOUS of Heather. Just like she was jealous of Gretchen. If you do one thing to piss Tamra off she'll try to bring you down, this much I know Heather can out play Tamra and Shannon. We shall see how my prediction plays out. Till next week.

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