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Recap: RHOC Season 9 - Episode 7: Choke-lahoma

by: Joshua Pramuk

After last week's Hoedown and Heather's display of being a boss by being conniving and getting Tamra thrown off that bull, which was awesome!! Let's see what this week holds. Christmas card time, Shannon has everything set up already, all black Shannon? Signs point to #ScaryAngry. I'm with David actually. It's Christmas honey, not a 'Sad to see you depart card' while Heather's Christmas card concept is well thought, but she wants to be heard a little too much. Heather's cards will look better definitely only because she's a perfectionist. Shannon on the other hand thinks people look forward to receiving her cards? Who?

Tamra is sitting down with Ryan, she wants to fight age? You're meant to grow old. While Ryan drops the bombshell that he's taking HGH of the street.  Tamara's response let's get you in with my doctor and get a proscription for it. BITCH, be a mother, not a friend! So what if your son gets mad at you. Tell him you'll fire him, if he doesn't get off the HGH. It's obvious you need to be loved because you hate yourself. Just sad girl.

Vicki goes to Oklahoma, she says straight away this is not California. Well, no shit Vicki, we've already established it's Oklahoma. Yes Vicki, this will be your life. Briana doesn't want to be around the toxic life style you live, and no one blames her, except you. Vicki looks like an alien from another galaxy visiting Earth for the first time. The cost of living is way cheaper in Oklahoma than in the OC. Vicki keeps pushing the issue that Brianna should move to back with her. I don't think I could live with Vicki...  it would be like living with Sybil. You never know what you are going to get. When Ryan says that after he retires he will not be moving back to Cali, Vicki starts choking. Hey Vicki, you're supposed to chew before you swallow. I totally get how that could be confusing though. I’m sure you don't chew everything you swallow. Then, she mentions Gretchen? If she isn't on the show why bring her up in a negative way? For that matter why bring her up at all. #Slander

Vicki, Briana, Ryan and Baby Troy are going to look for a house. Vicki will not accept the fact that Briana is done. California is not for her Vicki! Neither is Brooks duh. The house they go look at is amazing. Briana says she wants something in a neighborhood where her kids can play with other kids. Who can blame her? She never had that as a kid. Do you Briana, do you! Vicki, she's not coming back so please, the pity party of one has been refused service. Lizzie time! Looks like she's going on a play date with Heather and Colette better known as Coco. Lizzie is asking Heather advice about Vicki. Heather says it's hard for her to give advice because Vicki is a loyal friend. Heather, here’s some advice dahhling: You think Tamra and Vicki are giving Shannon an audience? Reality check, the reason Shannon runs to them is because Vicki and Tamra are talking about you all the time! You are just too blinded by your loyalty to realize they are jealous. Just like they where jealous of others before you. Shannon may be a cookie short of a cookies and cream shake, but she only knows what she's heard from your 'friends'. BTW next time let Lizzie talk more.

Back in Oklahoma, Vicki doesn't like the house that is more of Briana’s style. Vicki it's Briana's life, you have some Heather in you Miss Micromanage. Next, Tamra is making me shake my head about her anti-aging, she's so insecure she wants to be the prettiest bitch in the OC. News flash, your attitude will always make you look ugly honey. She's saying she doesn't want a Penis, but I have feeling Eddie would enjoy it. She lets the doctor know about Ryan, that way he can get his drugs legally. Snaps for mother of the year.

Danielle and Lizzie attend Shannon's make-up lesson. Lizzie was beauty queen so she doesn't need a make-up lesson, Lizzie brings up the play date she had with Heather. She's trying to be a peacemaker. You can tell Lizzie is a Heather fan at the moment because Shannon thinks Heather will never admit when she's wrong. Would you Shannon? Probably not! So don't judge Heather because obviously you don't feel you were in the wrong. You two need more couples counseling than you and David and that's saying something. Heather, your fashion sense is always so on point. So classy, elagonza honey!!

Dinner and Oklahoma! Vicki reality is just setting in? And it's taken long enough! So Ryan gets Lamb fries which turns out to be testicles. Oh come on Vicki, don't act like you never tasted testicles before. Briana tells her mom once again she's not living in the OC until the baby is born. Vicki says she's going to keep her mouth shut, which is hard for her. Vicki, we all know your mouth is always open.

Lizzie goes and visits her sister Becky, who happens to live on the same street. Lizzie is surrounded by family members that have three kids. She says she wants one but isn't ready. Then she is... girl make b up your mind. Two kids IMO is perfect, unless you have money like fancy pants that is.

Heather invites Shannon to dinner to hash out their differences. Shannon goes in right away. She's not giving Heather a chance to talk. She's basically calling Heather a manipulator. Yes she is, that's why I love her. Shannon on the other hand has preconceived notions thanks to Heather's 'friends.' Can't wait to hear how this story is spent to those bitches, Shannon has learned the housewife quick! Heather has been in this game and she's knows she's been excluded in all reality. Heather is a bitch, that will take down any of the OC housewives in a battle. Heather knows where the awkwardness is coming from. She knows that by getting in Shannon's ear the other girls will hear and frankly that's what she wants. After all she is Heather Dubrow! Until next time!

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