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Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Entire Cast Returning For Season 7!

According to Radar Online, all of the ladies from The Real Housewives of Atlanta are being asked to return for season 7. The website also states that all of the women have their contracts, the only holdup is that they want more money. The show got record ratings, and with all of the drama going on between the ladies, and even the husbands, it's making the negotiations tough. The source reports:

“That brawl between Porsha [Williams] and Kenya [Moore] was the best thing to happen to the show and the Bravo producers want all of the women back for more drama next season. Even NeNe Leakes staying out of the fray made headlines because she always has something outrageous to stay and they want to make sure that she’ll be back too… Everyone wants more money this season. They KNOW how well the show does, how all of them are making those network folks tons of money and the ladies want a part of that. These ladies are smart and they know how to negotiate so they’re confident that they can get their raises on their own.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo