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Kandi Burruss On Her Relationship With Todd's Mom: Sharon's A Great Mother-In-Law

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss sat down exclusively with Bravo and dished on her relationship with her mother-in-law Sharon. Kandi also dished on her relationships with Mama Joyce, and all the drama that is going on Kandi's Wedding and more! Check it out below! Did the marital counseling exercise help your communication? 
Kandi Burruss: I personally think Todd and I communicate well. Who usually makes the bed, you or Todd?
Kandi: I do... If it gets made. How would you describe Todd's mom, Sharon?
Kandi: Sharon is a ball of energy. She likes to have fun and she hates staying in the house. If Todd parties all night she wants to go and party all night too. She also loves to talk! LOL! She is a great mother-in-law. What's your relationship like with Sharon?
Kandi: We had a great relationship, but things have become a little intense since the show has been on. When she saw what my mom said about her, she got really upset. Of course I'm the one that has to hear about it. What's usually your favorite kind of cake? What kind of cake did you end up going with for the big day?
Kandi: My favorite cake is yellow cake with cream cheese icing from Publix. The cake we got for the wedding had multiple flavors. They ate it so fast that Todd and I only got the small piece from when we first cut the cake! Why don't Tan and Carmon get along?
Kandi: They just don't click. I never really understood why. Were you nervous about the dress? Did you like the pieces Reco was showing you?
Kandi: I felt like Reco was going to come through with an amazing dress. He didn't want to look crazy as a designer. The dress was important for him, just like it was important for me. Were you surprised by the drama with the wedding party?
Kandi: Yes and no. I knew Tan and Carmon weren't each other's favorite people, but I thought they would get along for the sake of the wedding. Why do you think Aunt Nora has the best relationship with Sharon?
Kandi: Aunt Nora has a sweet spirit and she likes to have fun. She and Sharon hit it off when they first met. My mom and Aunt Bertha stick together no matter what. If my mom doesn't like you, normally Aunt Bertha doesn't and vice versa. What were you thinking during the dinner blow up between your mom and Sharon?
Kandi: I was just praying that they didn't actually throw blows. We wouldn't make it through something like that. I quickly jumped up and grabbed my mom, but Todd wasn't grabbing his... I was like, "Really???!!!"

Kandi's Wedding airs Sunday nights at 8/7c only on Bravo!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo