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Jody Claman's Messy Divorce Trial Continues “He's Suing Me For Spousal Support, Child Maintenance And Half Of My Assets!”

Jody Claman's divorce trial is taking on the petty and dramatic elements of a reality TV show at times in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver this week. Jody Claman, who starred on the now-cancelled Slice reality show The Real Housewives of Vancouver, wrapped several days on the stand for the two-week trial, answering pointed questions about what she spent and what she earned.

According to court records and The Province, her husband, mining executive Eran Friedlander, filed for divorce last year.

"He's suing me for spousal support, child maintenance and half of my assets," said Claman during a break outside court.

Claman also said outside court she earned $800,000 for appearing on two seasons of the reality show, which was cancelled a year ago.

She testified in court she was $148,000 in debt and had monthly expenses of $50,000, including mortgage payments for three properties, including one in Whistler, and $6,000 to pay down her credit card debt.

Claman said she earned no income this year and wants to resurrect her catering company but needs $100,000 for equipment.

For hours on the stand, she answered specific questions about her earnings, including how much came from her daughter's clothing store in West Vancouver, the markup and margins on merchandise and how much staff were paid.

She was questioned about her monthly expenses, which included mortgages payments and an "umbrella" second mortgage ($6,250), restaurant meals ($600), household furnishings and supplies ($300), a lease on her daughter's Cadillac ($1,608), gas, taxis and public transit ($400), charitable donations ($1,200), life insurance premiums ($4,000), cat supplies ($100) and lessons and costumes ($1,400).

Not all questions dealt with money matters.

At the start of cross-examination on Friday morning, Friedlander's lawyer, Karen Thompson, asked Claman if she were a celebrity.

That led to an explanation about Twitter's "blue check," apparently afforded only to true celebrities next to their Twitter handle.

Claman said she used to be a celebrity during the show's 2011-2012 run but isn't now.

Thompson read back to Claman her own earlier testimony, from May 8, 2014, when Claman insisted in court she was a celebrity.

"I am a celebrity," she said in response to a question in court in May.

She explained Friday that she was a celebrity then, based on her involvement with an NBC show, but since it was cancelled, she has lost her prestigious "blue check."

"So sometime between May 8, 2014, and today, you ceased to become a celebrity?" she was asked.

"Yes, that's right," she said. "I no longer have a blue check, so I no longer am a celebrity."

The lawyer then asked Claman if on Friday she said to Friedlander "how nice it was his gay lover came to court with him this morning"?

"No," she said.

Claman, in response to more questioning, denied she spoke to Friedlander or a man who accompanied him.

Earlier in her testimony, Claman said she couldn't borrow any more against her properties and that she will have to "sell something" to meet her payments.

Photo Credit: Slice