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Gina Liano On The Real Housewives Of Melbourne: I Would Like An Opportunity To Really Entertain And Show My Humour A Bit More

The Real Housewives of Melbourne's Gina Liano feels she has more to give to the show, but would be more likely to return for a second season if "certain people" weren't involved. "I'd be more inclined (to return) if certain people aren't in it," she said of the Foxtel reality series. "No one has actually been asked yet officially to come back.

"I would like to be part of it to the extent that I had a really great time ... and I feel that I've still got a lot to give."

Liano called co-star Andrea Moss "an insignificant arse hair" during the first episode of the show's two-part reunion episode that aired in May.

Moss has accused Liano of sending a legal letter to her during the taping of the series and of posting a vulgar message on Facebook.

Liano has said the legal letter was sent to the show's producers and not directed at her fellow Housewives, adding Moss and some of her co-stars had used social media to personally attack her and her fans.

Liano, who has not spent time with her fellow Housewives since filming ended, also feels her funny side was quashed during the first season.

"I would like an opportunity to really entertain and show my humour a bit more," she said.

All six housewives - Liano, Moss, Chyka Keebaugh, Janet Roach, Lydia Schiavello and Jackie Gillies - have signed three year contracts to appear on the series although they are free to leave whenever they want.
Foxtel has announced a second season will go into production later this year but has not named the cast.

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Source: The Daily Mail