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Fashion Friday: Dublin Wives Star Roz Flanagan Shares Dubai Fashion Tips To Daughter!

Dublin Wives star Roz Flanagan has warned her daughter about the dangers of dressing sexy in Dubai ahead of a year-long trip there. The reality TV personality always cuts a glam figure on Dublin’s social scene and has clearly passed on her sense of style to her four daughters.

But Roz (51) revealed how she had to advise her daughter Vicki (27) on not dressing like a westerner when she moves over to the United Arab Emirates state.

Some individuals have unwittingly ended up in trouble with Dubai authorities for not heeding Sharia law.

“Over here, you wear skimpy things and you don’t even think about it and it won’t be a problem but it’s obviously not the same over there,” Roz told the Herald.

“Dubai is very safe, I’ve been over a few times, but you have to make sure you cover your shoulders and make sure your dresses are below the knee.

“She was looking at all her clothes the other day going, I’ll have to buy a whole new wardrobe!’”

Her second eldest daughter has landed a job working with the Irish-owned Hospital Group, which is opening up its first clinic in Dubai.

Vicki Flanagan will now be working as a patient consultant as she joins the new clinic in the millionaire’s playground.

And devoted mum Roz will be flying over with her this Saturday to help her get settled in.

“I’m going to head out with her for two weeks and make sure she’s settled in and I’ll feel more comfortable leaving her,” she continued.

“I’m going to introduce her to a few people I know who’ll look out for her. My other daughter Moniquea has just finished her Junior Cert so she’s coming along as well as a treat.

“The only thing is, it’s going to be about 40 degrees over there so we won’t be sunbathing.”

Roz and Vicki were cutting a dash at the Respect summer lunch in the Four Seasons over the weekend. But while admitting her daughter looks very like her, Roz laughed when asked if they ever got mistaken for sisters. “No, never. But she’s very like me in her mannerisms,” she said.

Roz so reminds me of Yolanda Foster of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she is such a hands on wife and mom, I sure miss Dublin Wives, it's a shame it got cancelled, best of luck to Vicki on her new chapter in her life.

Source: Herald