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Recap: RHONY Season 6 - Episode 9: The Last Splash

by: Joshua Pramuk

So after last weeks Ramona vs. Kristen, I know this week we are in for even more drama. This episode starts with Sonja going to talk to Josh at Kristen's apartment for some business advice. Sonja says she feels at home already. Sonja I love your crazy ass, but if you really enjoy the apartment so much buy your own! Sonja, and Josh are talking and she's naming off all these projects she already has going for her. Sonja, if you don't have money then how the hell can you invest in a Nigerian Football Team?  I'm with Josh, come on, focus girl! Don't start forty nine things if you can't finish one! Josh is just trying to help Sonja, and she doesn't hear one thing that Josh says. Kristen went to pick up her son Cash, too cute! Josh she's not crazy, it's just her meds. Always go, go, go for Sonja!

Carole went to visit her friends in LA. She's talking about a guy that dumped her over voicemail. She didn't even go on one date with him! Carole, this might be a sign you're not meant for a relationship. Just saying! Here we go! Heather has invited Kristen, Josh, LuAnn, Jacque and also Ramona, Mario and her Gausband. (Gay husband), thank you Kristen you are the ish!! Love you! So Heather is taking all the girls away to the Berkshires. Why are there so many uptight and rude people around? Just enjoy the trip Ramona. Already complaining and you haven't even got in the car to go! Heather is throwing shade at Ramona, and Ramona just takes it because Ramona knows Heather is a bad bitch! I totally agree though Ramona you could have called Heather. Why the fuck would you bring some random person to a couple’s dinner party? That's Ramona!

LuAnn is leading the conversation into Sonja. So of course Ramona is pissed at Kristen for inviting Sonja over for guidance. I do think Josh should have watched his words at the dinner party. We all know what happened to Jill Zarin, Josh is probably being crucified for speaking his mind. Let's be real, Sonja is living on her own planet and everyone knows it, but Josh that's why. We love her crazy, zany ways... well sometimes. Ramona p.s. the only person I want a muzzle on is you.

Carole brought Kristen to a match making place. Carole is looking for something new because she has always dated the same guy, with different names. Carole, you need to find a guy that's different. I'm with Kristen, yassss! Business Man! Business Man! Go for it Carole. Now LuAnn is taking Sonja and Ramona to anti-gravity yoga. These bitches are the oldest people in the room. Sonja and LuAnn are actually trying to have a good time, Ramona isn't even trying, girl bye! Why'd you even go? I'm so confused LOL. Ramona is going in on how bad the Berkshires is, the other two girls think it'll be fun. This love/hate Ramonja thing is getting me angry. I mean they can talk shit in their confessionals, but face to face they keep their mouths shut? Not for me.

Ramona, Sonja and the chauffeur LuAnn are on their way to the Berkshires. Ramona needs to know if Heather has A.C. at her house. Heather is all like, 'I have no AC darling, you know how we roll baby!' #CoolCountryBreeze! So this diva wanna be, Ramona, orders AC. REALLY? REALLY? Just deal with Heather is trying to make everything perfect, and I know Ramonja won't appreciate it at all!

I feel for LuAnn, having to deal with the meth twins the whole ride. LuAnn should have gone with Kristen and Carole. So Ramona will not stop complaining now that she is there. Ugh where's that muzzle? Carole and Kristen have arrived! As they are walking in, Carole tells Kristen she better put her name on that candle or Carole will not speak to her the whole time. Diva dahhhhhling! Oh shit the AC that Queen of Fake ordered has arrived.

The Countess is actually up for fun, love seeing her and Heather swinging... and Heather just took out a camera man! Get the bastard Heather! (I really got a big smile on my face at this point). Obnoxious is not the word for ordering the AC, Kristen. More like someone who thinks she can do what ever she wants. Ramona please, just because you're having hot flashes along with your bestie is no reason to be rude to THE PERSON WHO OPENED THEIR HOUSE TO YOU! These girls are going out in the canoes. Ramona of course has another thing to complain about. Carole is stuck on a boat with Ramona and Sonja. I feel for you, because I would have probably capsized the boat on purpose just to make them shut up. Really I'd do it for a laugh. Kristen, Heather and LuAnn are having the most fun! The fun boat is over there Carole, you're stuck on the crazy boat.

Ramona of course is saying Josh was bashing Sonja. Heather is cracking me up. She's listening to everything that Ramona is saying about Kristen and Josh. Ramona is making it sound like Kristen has it in for Sonja when all they were trying to do is help her! So Heather calls Kristen to swim over. As soon as Kristen hears the bullshit Ramona is talking and she starts splashing Ramona. Ramona is pissed! Yes, mission accomplished. Then Ramona says it's two for two? Ramona you threw wine at Kristen first, OMFG I'm so over Ramona! She just threw her wine glass in Kristen's face, and then tries to hit her with paddle. LuAnn says 'Don't forget I'm a nurse!'

Ramona only cares about being splashed? I guess she thought she was going to melt. I thought you would too Ramona. So Carole jumps off the crazy boat then Ramonja heads to the Hamptons. The fact Ramona shows no remorse speaks volumes. No apology would make up for this in my eyes! Till next week friends!

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