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Recap: RHOC Season 9 - Episode 4: Pretty Ugly

by: Joshua Pramuk

On this episode Shannon and David go on a getaway, this is going to be a disaster. I mean it’s just uncomfortable to watch them. David I know men are pigs, but boy give it a rest! Shannon obviously needed to get away, she looks way to happy to be leaving her kids. Girl, take a break if you need it! Aunt Laurie watches their kids during their trip. Vicki is at her office typing away like her fingers are about to fall off. So Vicki wants to stay at the office because she doesn't want to feel alone? Vicki, you brought this on yourself! No one, not Tamra, not YOUR DAUGHTER, no one in America likes Brooks. Just you and that shouldn't surprise anyone. Vicki’s office is putting people to sleep. They blame the color, I blame Vicki. FML! Frick my life!

Shannon and David are having Bloody Mary cocktails and then sex?!? #FrickMyLife for real! Tamra and Heather are going to an ugly sweater party with their better halves. Both bitches are in separate cars talking about how they had a conversation about their friendship. Got to say, I'm so on Heather's side. Tamra and Vicki are exhausting and rude, they want you to be what they are. If you’re not #GirlBye! Fuck that. Heather, stay you girl! BTW Heather and Terry's matching ugly sweaters is adorable! Heather is the fashion queen of the OC.

Back to Shannon and David and their hotel room. Shannon is EXHAUSTING. David obviously loves you Shannon or else he wouldn't put up with you’re bipolar, crazy ass mood swings. Please get back on the lexapro and save us all the pain. David wants to watch the game. He may be creepy and weird, but you married him! Either deal or kick rocks my dear! 

The ugly sweater party is here! This bitch Danielle made her Champs punch with Veuve bitch no that Champagne is meant to drink. Lizzie has arrived! She seems awesome! Beautiful and intelligent, hell yes! Her entrance is a fall, and she picks herself up with a smile on her face. Tamra and Eddie arrive. Eddie's hot with his muscles bulging in that sweater. Work! Tamra says she isn't into ugly. Honey, your attitude has ugly written ALL OVER IT! So Danielle takes Tamra and Eddie to meet her husband Joey. Okay Joe is looking at Eddie like he just found a new bike to ride.  Gaydar siren will not stop in my head. Tamra meets Lizzie, I already see all over Tamara's face that she is jealous. Watch out Lizzie, if Tamra, and Vicki are jealous of you they will make your life a living hell! See Gretchen Rossi.

We learn that Lizzie was at the gym taking a class with Eddie and she lives in Ladera where Tamra lives. Heather and Terry have arrived! Me and Heather are the same wave length, no Veuve for punch! Heather meets Lizzie and keeps looking at her 'poinsettia' Love the shade Lizzie. 'I have boobs since the fifth grade, tell me SOMETHING I don't know.' And my buzz is ruined, Vicki and that pig Brooks. I mean did Slade give you a complex calling you Miss Piggy? Brooks is TRASH! PERIOD!

Vicki wants to talk to Brooks about Briana. Ughhhh let this dinner end, I don't want to waste energy on Brooks. I will say Brooks doesn't want to hang out with her friends. OMG its official, Vicki is keeping Brooks. Shannon and David! Yay! They’re enjoying a nice dinner date and then that fast it goes south, why bring up a boob job at dinner Shannon? Take the damn complement and roll with it. Don't say it's obvious you want me to get a boob job? He loves you but you only care about yourself. It's obvious. Go on now honey.

Back to the ugly sweater party, Heather is getting to know Lizzie. Lizzie is not only beautiful, but she's a total package as Heather says, and I totally agree. The four women are having a convo about their kids. Heather has to say 'what an amalgam you two have become, 'about Sophia and Tamra. This starts Tamra on her stupidity, saying she doesn't like Heather to use those words. I applaud you Lizzie for bringing me back to the movie Clueless! Telling Tamra to use the word three times in a sentence tomorrow, and then it'll be in her vocabulary. Tamra just do what Lizzie said and drop it! David takes Shannon back to the room after dinner and it's just awkward. This bitch says she wants it with her mouth but both of their body's are screaming NO! Get off now! Heather and Terry win the ugliest couple sweaters! What what!

I’m loving love how much Lizzie we are getting in this episode. Her sons, Preston and Kingston are so cute. Her husband Christian seems so supportive of this Kentucky gal, who is all Cali in her heart. She has a photo shoot for her swimwear clothing line. Lizzie is giving me life! She is also all about her fashion line. She has got what it takes to last people! Tamra and Eddie are out having dinner. Eddie didn't wear his wedding  ring, and then he low blows this bitch by saying he never got anyone else's name tattooed on his ring finger, burn. Tamra wants to talk about having a kid again. Why? Why? Tamra you don't really want another kid! You want the idea of being a lovely mother. So let's just pretend you adopted, and go buy yourself some Cabbage Patch doll's!  Eddie says he'd be okay with Tamra having a kid, but he doesn't want to raise a kid. Kid's are a lifetime commitment. Yes Eddie. OMG there were just no tears in Tamara's eyes. So fake or maybe the tears burnt into the botox? Next weeks episode looks like the Drama heats up. Shade here I come!

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