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Ladies Of London Star Caprice Bourret Opens Up About Her Miracle Babies!

Caprice Bourret from Bravo's new reality show Ladies of London is opening up about the debuts she recently celebrated: the birth of two baby boys, one month apart. Model and business woman Caprice Bourret and her husband Ty Comfort struggled with fertility issues for years before deciding to have a baby via surrogate. Much to their surprise, a month after their surrogate was successfully impregnated, Caprice also became pregnant.

Describing the birth of the first baby, Caprice recently told Today, “I was eight months pregnant and I was watching my son being delivered while my other son was in me. Everyone in the room was crying.”

Now, with two active baby boys, “Sometimes I just sit and stare at them and think how blessed we are,” said Caprice. "For me, they're both biologically mine, just one of them had a baby sitter. The boys will probably call her Auntie. I send her pictures all the time.”

The new mother is keeping mum on which son she carried and which was delivered via surrogate telling Today, “When they do get older I will tell them." Watch the full interview below!

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Caprice's road to motherhood will be featured on the first season of Ladies of London.

Ladies of London premieres on Monday, June 1st at 10/9c only on Bravo!

Source/Photo/Video Credit: Bravo/NBC