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Is Jackie Gillies Leaving The Real Housewives Of Melbourne?

According to The Daily Mail, Jackie Gillies may be hinting that she may be leaving  The Real Housewives of Melbourne. On Wednesday Jackie Gillies took some time to thank all those who supported her on the Australian reality show with a lengthy and sincere Instagram post. 'What a journey I have undertaken!,' the 33-year-old's message began, and it wasn't long before she peppered in her signature catchphrase, thanking fans for 'all the love and #shineshineshine.'

They report that Jackie seemed to be bidding her fans a fond farewell in the post, which hinted she could be quitting any further series of the show. The rockers wife has already helped fuel speculation she won't be taking part in another season. She recently posted a caption on an Instagram photo saying: 'L.A. #selfie Love this town! New home town?!! Had some very exciting meetings today!'

As yet none of the other Real Housewives - Andrea Moss, GIna Liano, Lydia Shiavello and Chyka Keebaugh have signed on for another series.

I honestly don't think she is going anywhere, I think that the Daily Mail is reading "too much" into her IG posts. In my opinion, I think her meetings were all about her La Mascara cocktails not because she is leaving the show. I really do hope Jackie comes back for a second season so she could shine, shine, shine!

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Photo Credit: News Limited