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Former Real Housewives Of Vancouver Star Reiko MacKenzie Comes Out!

We all fell in love with Reiko MacKenzie during the first season of Slice's The Real Housewives of Vancouver. During her time on the show, the fashionista and race car beauty was happily married living with then husband Sunny MacKenzie and their two daughter. Since leaving Real Housewives, Reiko divorced her husband and began dating. A woman, to be specific. Reiko exclusively sat down with ET Canada and revealed it all for the first time!

"What am I going to do? Lie?," Reiko says about the revelation. "I mean no. I was dating a woman. I was married to man these are the facts and this is my life."

Many may now be wondering if Reiko's newly-revealed sexuality was what lead to the split from her husband. "I wouldn't say it was the trigger for my divorce" she admits. "We had our issues. We've been very good friends for many years so we amicably split."

As for a possible return to the show she notoriously left after season one? Hey, anything's possible. "I would consider it," Reiko says. If there's enough time in the day, of course. The former TV star says she's working on several business ventures at the moment, including a lifestyle blog.

We are so happy for Reiko, we wish her much success and happiness. If Slice ever decides to bring back RHOV, I would love to see Reiko back, we need to see a gay housewife on the franchise damn it!

If you live in Canada, you can watch the interview HERE!

Source/Photo Credit: ET Canada