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The War Continues Between Real Housewives Of Melbourne Stars Andrea Moss And Gina Liano!

The war continues between Real Housewives of Melbourne stars Andrea Moss and Gina Liano! Between legal letters and c-words, it's no secret that these two cannot stand each other, to the point that they don't want to be in the same room. Last week they both faced off during the taping of the Real Housewives of Melbourne reunion show which I'm sure it's going to be explosive.

During a recent interview with New Idea, Andrea had this to say about her co-star and enemy Gina Liano: "Under no circumstances do I ever want to work with that filth ever again,’ said Moss.

But what did Gina had to say about Moss? "I don’t even want to do the reunion show. I would rather eat cat food – and I’ve got an anaphylactic seafood allergy" said Liano.

Some of you might wonder why the former friends became such enemies, well Andrea says

"There’s all this other stuff going on off-camera, there’s an email where she’s threatened to sue us – in the first two weeks! There’s the profanity that comes out of her mouth..."

To read more about this interview make sure to pick up a copy of New Idea magazine.

So what are your thoughts on this feud? Do you side with Andrea or Gina? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm only on Foxtel's Arena TV!

Photo Credit: Foxtel/Arena TV
Source: Yahoo Australia Lifestyle