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Recap: RHOC Season 9 - Episode 2: Meet And Potatoes

by: Joshua Pramuk

Last week we left off with the Heather and Tamra ready to go in on Vicki about Brooks, so let's get right in it shall we? Of course it's Tamra that asks where Brooks falls into 'this' because Heather doesn't have the lady balls. Who can blame her when it comes to Vicki? I mean we all saw how Gretchen was muffled. So Vicki and Brooks are in a good place? Tamra wants to give Brooks another chance? What fucking show am I watching? I mean seriously, it's like the reunion never happened. To see Vicki, I'm just going to come out and say it – she rather proves everyone is wrong with Brooks than understand what Briana went through with that sick SOB! LMAO at Heather for calling Tamra a liar because as soon as Vicki got up, Tamra said 'I don't trust him’. Bitch, REALLY? You just said you want to give him a second chance. Tamra, you call Gretchen a liar, look in the mirror honey because you lie ALL THE TIME!

So Vicki and Tamra are trying to corrupt Heather in Mexico. Needless to say it's never going to work. I'm with Heather though, 'drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.' Vicki! Meanwhile in the OC, Shannon is getting her daughter Sophia ready for these damn classes where you learn etiquette, and how to dance. I've got to say Shannon is wacky, I was about to say she seems like a good mother now this bitch says 'I swear I'm going to rip her head off!' Wow you want your kids raised with class Shannon? Show a little yourself. Her relationship with David, her husband seems toxic at its best. I give it a year, or six depending on whether she gets knocked up again. Shannon says she thinks for four, but she has problems thinking for one.

Next it’s  Eddie and Tamra. Tamra says she doesn't think the honeymoon phase is over, you are never going to be in the honeymoon phase! Your husband is honeymooning with his 'bike'. Tamra is throwing a Halloween party. I love Halloween but this crazy lady wants to say she's messed with a spirit board before... hmm now it makes perfect sense! She's possessed! That's how all that evil got in there. Tamra wants another kid? At her age? With that guy? Great storyline Tamra… NOT! Please, you’re obviously have enough going on, you're looking for sympathy... won't find it here.

Tamra is setting up for her party and Vicki shows up. Tamra fills Vicki in that Heather is bringing Shannon. Vicki's words: 'Oh great, another new bitch I have to like' then Vicki goes in about how there are three requirements you have to have for her to like you 1. You have to make her laugh, 2. She haves to learn from you. 3.... looks like dementia is setting in because Vicki can't even remember the third thing that she 'lives by'. Heather and Shannon have arrived! Heather has a third eye to cover up a blemish! How funny! There is obviously no food in the OC Shannon, get use to it. Vicki and Shannon are hitting it off, they’re both Aries. Well, that explains it. These bitches are going to be fighting before you know it. The party is pretty awesome. Everyone is having fun. There is a tarot card reader, a spirit board which didn't move at all for Vicki and Shannon because they are both closed off from the spirit world. Tamra's mission of scaring Heather is a success. I have to say though Shannon jumped out of her seat. Now that my friends, that's what I call #EntertainmentByBravo.

David and Shannon are such a weird couple, he seems like a dick. He doesn't even care what she has to say. Shannon is inviting the girls over for beef because 'they don't eat' its sooo funny and so true. I can't wait. Meanwhile Vicki and her son Michael are having a conversation, she says she loves her kids but as they get older, the further they’re away. Vicki, you're their mother, of course they aren't going to confide in you. Her son Michael has such a prissy attitude, he's got the gay attitude Vicks. You know it, I know it, and the world knows it. He's a good looking gay guy. You should be proud! Shannon, Tamra, and Heather are having dinner. Shannon announces that has jewels in her teeth, and apparently she saved a nation in a past life. Bitch you are CRAZY! At least you admit that you’re a walking contradiction. She has an escalade, but no wireless internet? I'll never understand. Shannon is starting to look at Heather like the devil, bitch you don't know her life! I agree with Heather. Tamra should take a realistic look at having kids again because she said it herself, she isn't getting younger.

Vicki is meeting with a 'counselor', and this bitch refuses to accept what Briana said about Brooks yet she wants her right there. These tears are real, and I feel for Vicki. She will never 'skip through the tulips, and have family dinner together.' Shannon is setting up for the dinner. Even her kids are cuckoo, her older daughter Adeline just takes  money from anywhere including Shannon's wallet. That's just rude! I thought Shannon was 'raising her kid’s right' she had me fooled. Coco B? What does that even mean Terry. He is hilarious talking about his daughter getting a laceration to cancel on the dinner party. HAHAHA!

All the girls are showing up for the dinner party, and can I just say that Vicki, that red dress is perfect on you. Shannon is all over the place! Torches and knives, please keep them away from Shannon because I think she may torch Terry. Speaking of Terry, calling your daughter Coco a bitch? I mean that's just harsh, I don't care if it's in jest. Respect gone Dr. Dubrow. Shannon and David are fighting, and I have to agree with Vicki. If that is what you two do behind a closed door, what's going on when it's just you two. Till next week!

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