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Real Housewives Of Melbourne Star Andrea Moss Opens Up About Her Feud With Co-Star Gina Liano!

Has the feud stopped between Real Housewives of Melbourne stars Andrea Moss and Gina Liano? The Daily Mail recently interviewed the mother of three and insists the real story is yet to come out, and that she stands by her anger towards Gina on the show. 'Has Gina apologized for calling two mothers c***s? No, and I don't want to be called that word,' she told the MailOnline.

'It wasn't just one person against her. Basically the day before we got to Mission Beach she had called Lydia and I c***s on a radio microphone. 'This is the other issue because unfortunately due to broadcasting laws the things that Gina said - that we took most serious objection to - have not been shown on the show due to legal concerns.'

While Gina has denied that she used such words, Andrea has said the issue comes to a head on the recently filmed two-part reunion special.

'It's kind of like it was done and dusted, then it rears itself again,' she said of the incident.'Obviously it made for very dramatic TV, but it has to be put into perspective that there's a lot more going on. 'The reality TV process can be very misleading as they only show a part of the story, you don't get to see the whole picture until later.

'I'm standing by the fact that I was angry. I was upset to see how angry I looked on the show, but I don't feel that way about Gina anymore. 'I wish her every success.'

The doctor's wife and business owner also said she stays in touch with the other housewives outside of the show... except Gina.

'I don't hang out with her. She wasn't part of my social group before and I wasn't part of her social group.
'She was someone I worked with. I speak to Lydia (Schiavello) and Janet (Roach) everyday, and Chyka (Keebaugh) and Jackie (Gillies) when they're not overseas.'

Has your opinion changed on Andrea vs. Gina situation? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

The Real Housewives Of Melbourne airs on Sunday nights at 8.30pm only on Foxtel's Arena TV!

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