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Photos And Full Details On Jackie Gillies' La Máscara Cocktails!

We've all seen Jackie and Ben Gillies' journey of building their own cocktail brand on The Real Housewives of Melbourne which airs every Sunday night at 8:30pm on Foxtel's Arena. La Máscara which means The Mask in Spanish is the name that Jackie selected for her upcoming cocktail line. La Máscara will consist of three types of ready to serve cocktails in which will be coming out very soon! The cocktails will be sold on Dan Murphy, which is Australia's most famous liquor store that has over 5,000 different wines, beers & spirits. See below to learn more about Jackie and Ben Gillies' La Máscara cocktails!

La Máscara Raspberry & Lime Cosmo is a premium, all natural and ready to serve cocktail, bringing a touch of class to any occasion. The classic cosmo with a new twist, made from juicy raspberry and refreshing lime. Produced from all natural ingredients, enjoy the cocktail experience on any occasion. Chill, shake, serve in an elegant glass with a garnish of sliced lime or 3 raspberries.

La Máscara Espresso Martini is a premium, all natural and ready to serve cocktail, bringing a touch of class to any occasion. This velvety smooth martini is made with cold drip filtered coffee for the perfect espresso taste. The skillful blend of six single origin beans creates a rich flavour, expertly finished with natural vanilla. Chill, shake, serve in an elegant glass.

The third cocktail is Cloudy Apple & Mint Mojito (pictured above), and it's served in an elegant glass bottle, cocktail details are not available at this time, but as soon as I get the info, I'll update the article. Visually this cocktail box is my personal favorite!

If you click on Dan Murphy's website you  can see some of La Mascara's cocktail bottles on their website, which states "coming soon"

La Máscara's launch party will be shown on the season finale of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, which will air this Sunday. I'm assuming the cocktails will be available soon after the episode airs, I don't know if it's days, weeks or even a few months but I do know that these cocktails will be released and I cannot wait to pour me a drink of La Máscara on my martini glass so I can drink while watching some Real Housewives drama BAM!

Make sure to follow La Máscara on Twitter and Facebook! You can also follow the official website for future updates here!

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Photo Credits: La Máscara