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Gina Liano Considering Leaving The Real Housewives Of Melbourne: "I Think It Would Be Difficult For Me To Put Myself In That Position Again"

The self proclaimed drag queen and star of The Real Housewives of Melbourne told TV WEEK that she may not return for a second season of Foxtel's hit reality show. "I think it would be difficult for me to put myself in that position again," Gina continued, "When I went into it the first time, I had no idea I would be targeted and it would be such a hate campaign."

Gina has opened up about feeling "bullied" by the other housewives, after a dramatic falling out with skin clinic owner Andrea Moss on the show.

However, the cancer survivor and mother of two has had an outpouring support on social media.
"The outpouring of love and support I've had from the audience has made it so much better," she added. "When I'm struggling with it and I open up my fan page on Facebook, it actually is very healing."

Gina sent a letter to the show's producers and fellow housewives Andrea and private jet-owner Lydia Schiavello, who believed it to be a "legal threat". The content of the letter is yet to be revealed, but the reunion episode promises to tell all.

Gina has also reunited with her partner of eight years, property developer Dean Giannarelli, who she dumped while making the show last year. Dean is based in the US, which put a strain on their relationship."'I don't think marriage is what either of us needs," Gina told TV WEEK.

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm only on Foxtel's Arena!

Photo Credit: News Corp Australia