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Former Dublin Wives Star Roz Flanagan's Brave Revelation Continues To Inspire People!

Former Dublin Wives star Roz Flanagan is still approached by fans who commend her for speaking out about being a child abuse victim. The Herald reports that the Malahide charity queen has said she's still witnessing the effects of the reality show.

"The other day this woman came up to me on the street, she was about 31 or 32 and she had never talked about being abused as a child.

"She hadn't told her husband or any of her family and she said after seeing me talk about what happened to me on the show, she finally talked about it. She told her family and she got help," she said.

A revelation that shocked her fellow cast-members, Roz (50) dropped the bombshell about her painful past during one of the episodes featuring a CARI lunch.

A voluntary organisation that supports those affected by child sexual abuse, the Armagh woman is now one of their biggest supporters.

She said before how she hoped telling her story would inspire other victims to seek help. Roz has never revealed the identity of her abuser.

She'll now be hoping to get some of the leading ladies back together for a coffee morning she's hosting on Good Friday at Silks of Malahide.

I have to say Roz is an inspiration for telling her story, it's unfortunate that this happened to her but in a positive twist, her story has helped a lot of people and I'm glad it still continues to do so. Even thought Dublin Wives is now cancelled, i'm glad that something inspiring came out of it.

Photo Credit: TV3