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Arena And Foxtel Releases Statement Over Shocking Allegations Made From Anonymous Blogger 'Letter To Gina'

The drama on The Real Housewives of Melbourne seems to be never-ending. Most recently an anonymous blogger came out of nowhere called "Letter To Gina". The blog made some shocking allegations about Gina Linao. Not only did the blog attacked Gina, but also attacked all of Gina's co-stars. The blog went viral all over social media, some accused Gina's co-stars of writing it (which I doubt it) and other insinuated that it was someone in production. Whoever wrote it, it sure caused controversy and raised a lot of eyebrows. Arena and Foxtel decided to issue an official statement on The Real Housewives of Melbourne's official Facebook page. Arena and Foxtel wrote the following:

Many fans and viewers of The Real Housewives of Melbourne have shared their views and comments on the series.

As fans of the international franchise will know, the inter-relationships between Housewives are a defining feature of the show.

Some of you may have seen an anonymous blog that appeared on social media recently. This blog has nothing to do with Arena, Foxtel or the production company, Matchbox Pictures and while social media discussion about the series is welcome, we encourage everyone to be respectful when making any comments about the housewives.

As Jackie Gillies would say, “shine shine shine”.

You can view Arena/Foxtel's official statement on Facebook below!

The blog 'Letter To Gina' is too long to post on here and too harsh to quote, so if you want to read it CLICK HERE!

What are your thoughts on the 'Letter to Gina' blog? Tell us in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Foxtel/Arena TV