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Which Real Housewives' Music Video Was Crowned As The Number One 'Worst Reality Star Music Video'?

Recently VH1 revealed their "WTF Were They Thinking? The 10 Worst Reality Music Videos" countdown which featured some of our beloved Real Housewives stars. Melissa Gorga, Countess LuAnn, Kenya Moore, Kim Zolciak and Jo de la Rosa were featured on the countdown. Other reality stars included: Kelly Osbourne, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Heidi Montag to name a few. Click below to find out which Real Housewife star was crowned #1 as the worst reality star music video!

Note: I only added the Real Housewives countdown info below, to view the complete countdown CLICK HERE!

8. Melissa Gorga - "I Just Wanna"

You know that feeling you get every time your mom tries to act cool but it just doesn't work out. Well, be prepared to start feeling that way. With a very forced sexy/cool delivery from everyone in this video, to the overly hard dancing and constant hair tossing, this video is a culmination of  “Mommy, no” moments. We’re surprised no one got whip lash from all the hair flipping.

5. Countess LuAnn - "Chic C'est La Vie"

Countess Luann, girl please, you were born in Berlin, Connecticut as LuAnn Nadeau. Your video is such a sad attempt to portray yourself as being high class but alas you just look ridiculous. And as for your singing, it’s a bad shot at trying to sound the way Madonna did in “Vogue”. Once again, only Madonna can do Madonna and “Countess” you are no Madonna. Also, please stop trying to speak French. You think you sound French but you don’t. We cringed every time you said, “Chic c’est la vie, c’est bon, c’est bon.”

2. Kim Zolciak - "Tardy for the Party"

Kim should have been completely embarrassed to put this monstrosity of a video out. From the flash light that was clearly used as a spot light, to the very noticeable synthetic wig, to the party that was more of a social gathering of 5 people; this video was a complete and utter disaster. This video looked so cheap that even a blind man would look at it say WTF is this garbage? As for her singing even the auto tuning couldn't save it.

1. Kenya Moore - "Gone with the Wind Fabulous"

And now we have the worst video of them all. When we first saw this video we couldn't tell if it was a comedy skit or the actual video for this MORONIC song. For the first 2 minutes of the video you are hit with some really, REALLY bad acting. Then Kenya goes into this Wonder Woman like twirl but doesn't change into a superhero costume. WHAT! Then the music starts for her song and the rest let’s say is all downhill from there. But the ultimate OH HELL NO SHE DIDN’T part was when she tries to be like Beyonce. YEEEESSS, HONEY!!! Throughout the video you see snippets of her trying to reenact the “Single Ladies” video. She even had the nerve to act like she did something at the end imitating Beyonce’s out of breathe ending. All of that plus the heavy set woman walking into church wearing a thong bathing suit gives her the honor of holding the WORST Reality Star Music Video of 2014.

So there you have it: The Top 10 Worst Reality Star videos. But we can’t leave it at that. Here are two videos that didn’t place but get honorable mention. Misery loves company, and we will see you all in the emergency room. Hopefully they will be able to stop our eyes and ears from bleeding.

11. Jo de la Rosa - "U Can't Control Me" 

First of all that is not even Kim Zolciak's music video, it's a fan/parody type so I don't even know where VH1 got that their info from. VH1 threw major shade, got to love them for that! But I don't care what they say, I love me some housewives songs/music videos.

What do you think? Do you agree with VH1's countdown? Which one do you consider the worst music video? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

Source: VH1
Video Credit: YouTube