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Recap: The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Season 1 - Episode 4!

This week on The Real Housewives of Melbourne, Andrea, Jackie and Lydia go to Thredbo for a girls trip, full of skiing and drinking while Gina, Chyka and Janet stay in Melbourne and bond over Janet’s return to the dating world. Check out our recap below!

We see the ladies packing for their trip. Ben asks Jackie what type of clothes will she take to her trip to keep herself warm, Jackie explains she refuses to wear any clothes made of animals, meanwhile Andrea is looking what to take to the trip. Andrea's husband and their daughter give her their opinions of what to wear, listen to your daughter Andrea, kids say the truth, don’t wear the dead squirrel, just give it to me instead!

Andrea let’s her family know that she’s left them a checklist to follow while she’s away on her trip. Her husband, Dr. Chris Moss however has other plans, he wants to party with his kids by having pizza, chips etc. Lydia, Andrea and Jackie arrive at Lydia’s place in Thredbo, they get settled in, check out Lydia’s house and open a bottle of champagne.

Meanwhile back in Melbourne, Janet invites Chyka and Gina over to help her pick the best dress for her first post-divorce date. Janet reveals that her date is younger than her, he is 35 years of age and she is 55. Janet calls herself a saber tooth tiger instead of a cougar because she believes that these days now, cougars are as young as 30 years old, but I think Janet is a FABULOUS saber tooth tiger, she’s sassy, sexy and fun. Janet admits that she’s nervous about her date since it’s been a long time that she’s been with a man, Janet, don’t be nervous, your hot, and fabulous, werk it! PS: Janet reminds me a mixture of RHOBH’s Lisa Vanderpump and RHONY’s Sonja Morgan, attitude wise, am I alone here?

Back at Thredbo, the ladies go out for dinner and Gina becomes the main topic of conversation. The ladies discuss on why Gina would bring up the she said, he said aka Chinese Whisper Gate at Jackie’s housewarming party. To clarify, Jackie’s husband Ben was the one that brought it up, not Gina, so it’s unfair to blame it on her. Next Andrea starts throwing shade at Gina, she calls her orange, fake-tanned, makes fun of her hair style and ends it with saying that Gina's favorite movie is Priscilla – Queen of the Desert. Lydia then comes into Gina’s defense and says she has a unique look while Jackie says “She’s very centric”.

Off Topic: Andrea has addressed this topic on Twitter by saying she had reasons to talk about Gina which according to her, there was even a potential lawsuit, which we will find out more about it on next week’s episode, guess we have to wait and see. Did she say lawsuit? Someone call Jody Claman please! 

Back in Melbourne, Janet is on her date with Marty. Janet is looking smashing and sexy, you can tell that she’s happy just by the twinkle in her eyes. I must say Marty looks a bit older than 35 however his leather necklace is a no-no. Gina and Chyka sit by the bar and keep an eye out on Janet , jsut to make sure she’s happy on her date. Next Gina and Chyka crash the date and say hello to Janet and meet Marty, they both approve of Janet’s date.

The next day, Gina and Chyka pay Janet a visit to find out how her date went. The ladies have some tea meanwhile Janet spills all the tea… about her date, that is. We learn that Marty slept over the night with Janet, and well… you know the rest. I’m so happy for Janet, get it gurl! Next the ladies bond and relax with a mani-pedi. The subject about the whole Jackie and Gina is brought up and at this point, I’m so over it, it’s been four episodes of the Chinese whisper gate! Gina already said she believes in Jackie’s gift, that's why she freaked out, she just doesn't believe that her partner was unfaithful.Let’s move on…NEXT!

Back in Thredbo, the ladies go skiing, we learn that Lydia is a pro, Andrea is average while Jackie is having trouble on the slopes aka falls every five minutes. Next the ladies take a break from skiing and relax by taking some tequila shots, now that's what I'm talking about. The ladies discuss about Janet’s date, Andrea believes Janet needs to date a man around her age, while Jackie disagrees and thinks that Jackie should date whoever she wants and just have fun, I agree with Jackie. #ShineShineShine!

The ladies decide to call the other ladies to check up on them. Janet tells the ladies about her date, then Janet tells the ladies that they are having fun by having mani-pedi and Jackie thinks it’s Ballzo, which it’s her way of saying boring. Thanks for the new vocab Jackie!

Next Andrea, Jackie and Lydia bond over a glass of champagne and open up by sharing their views on relationships, husbands, kids and their past. Lydia opens up about the breakdown of her first marriage: “I was a young, beautiful woman with three children, who would want me?” says Lydia. I'm glad she meet Andrew and is in a happier place now.

Next week the drama escalates as everyone becomes involved in some type of drama, I can’t wait! Till then, Shine Shine!

The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm only on Foxtel’s Arena.

Photos Credit: Foxtel/Arena TV