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Recap: Mob Wives: New Blood Reunion!

The Mob Wives: New Blood reunion is here, this year the reunion host is none other than Sherri Shepherd from ABC’s The View. The episode starts off with Sherri asking Alicia what was the result of her sentencing which stayed to be continued on the season finale season finale. Alicia explains her sentencing was postponed and she currently doesn't know when the next court date will be. Let’s pray that everything will work out for her. Moving on to Natalie, the ladies all revisit Natalie’s introduction to the group, Renee says she called Natalie her “minnie-me” because Natalie has a big mouth, just like her, which Natalie agrees.

Next the infamous word that made the drama explode this season, that’s right it’s “delicious”. Sherri doesn’t understand why Renee would get so mad and offended over that word. Renee says she felt disrespected and think it was rude, and that’s not something you say to someone’s man. I don’t think what Natalie said was bad, and neither does Sherri Shepherd. By the way, have you purchased her song “Delicious” on iTunes? I love it, it’s a very good dance/club song, any who back to the recap. Renee is old school so I can understand her side of the situation but if Michael is not her boyfriend anymore, at this point who cares, right? Renee should just let it go and dance the delicious song with Natalie right?

Next Sherri brings up the Vegas trip. Renee’s behavior is in question and Renee admits that she relapsed during her time in Vegas, she admits of drinking a lot and mixing it with anti-depressants and xanax, something we all know at this point since she has addressed this already. Natalie points out that Renee’s relapse is a joke since according to her, she’s been drinking the whole season. Renee goes off on Natalie telling her that she has no right to comment on her recovery and then accuses Natalie of getting high with her. Natalie says she has text messages of Renee wanting on going over to her place and wanting to cuddle with her, can you say WTF? Even Drita is taking back by that comment, Renee says that she might have sent it to the wrong person but Natalie says it’s not true and swears on it. Sherri then brings up the infamous Vegas fight between Natalie and Renee, Renee says she’s embarrassed about her behavior, and is not proud of it at all. Renee admits that she was looking for a fight with Natalie, and got pissed when Natalie defended herself. Renee says she is not a fighter and it's not her proudest moment.

Renee then starts crying and saying she doesn’t enjoy doing the show anymore, then Drita comes it and says she completely understand where Renee is coming from because that how she felt a few seasons ago. Renee says she wishes the ladies would have talked to her privately about their issues with her, but Drita calls her out, and tells her she’s the one that caused it all and they shouldn't have had to deal with Renee putting them through all the drama in Vegas. Renee admits she was not in the right frame of mind.

It’s Drita’s turn and Sherri brings up her relationship with Lee. Drita says she is happy and in love, and she is still working on her rapping career. Next it’s Big Ang’s turn, and Ang clears up that she is not planning on having any kids, with two grandchildren on the way, her and Neil are going to focus on that instead. Ang tells Sherri that instead of building a baby, Neil is building her a house which their grandchildren will have their nurseries in there.

Sherri brings up the subject of Twitter feuds. Sherri finds it shocking that some of the ladies find great lengths to tweet about the issues they have with each other instead of talking about it face to face. Renee says the tweet she wrote about Alicia was said to her face however Alicia disagrees with Renee, and things end up shifting towards Natalie. Natalie called Renee a coke whore, and Natalie says Renee was tweeting about Alicia which she felt the need to defend her as any best friend would. Things get heated between Renee and Natalie when Renee brings up that her son AJ was affected by Natalie’s tweets by calling her a coke whore. I understand Renee’s point of view however she also needs to realize that both Alicia and Natalie are mothers as well and their kids have access to social media, therefore two wrongs don’t make a right in this situation. Next Renee comments about the whole Junior situation and how he is still locked up, he was never released which made her happy since she is scared of him. Renee lets us know that Junior was transferred to a different location.

Next the whole Renee liking information to the press situation is brought up. Alicia says she never believed or called Renee a rat, however she knew that Renee was gossiping about her situation to others aka her best friend Carla who happens to be Alicia’s husband’s ex girlfriend. This is where Drita comes in and goes off at Renee to a point that it seems like Drita threatens Renee, is this really necessary? Drita says she relates to Alicia because the subject of someone’s husband’s ex girlfriend is a sensitive subject to her. Drita feels like Renee did the same thing to her in the previous seasons discussing about Lee with Karen Gravano. Drita at one point even questioned if Renee was ever her friend. Renee says she has always been a loyal friend to both Drita and to Karen and she was caught in the middle, Drita admits it’s true that Renee was a loyal friend and they are both in a great plave, if that’s the case then my question is why would Drita bring this up? I find this situation unnecessary, was editing to blame here? I dunno! IMO Drita needs to understand that the different between her and Alicia is that Alicia was never friends with Carla (her husband's ex girlfriend), and Drita was friends with Karen so these two situations are completely different.

The reunion ends with Natalie saying that London is moving to Philly but they are also going to find a place in NYC as well, Drita is happy with Lee,Renee has her son AJ, Alicia with her kids and her brother, Big Ang with Neal and her grandkids, overall the reunion was good however I would have preferred if it was a two part reunion since this reunion seemed very rushed and Sherri did not impressed me as a host. I would have preferred Wendy Williams or Dr. Jenn from Couples Therapy as the host, hopefully they bring Karen Gravano back for the next season and I’m happy that VH1 gave a green light to a fifth season, until then, this was overall an unexpected and a great season... so delicious, until then!

Photo Credit: VH1