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Real Housewives Of Melbourne Star Andrea Moss Says Moms Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Hiring Help!

Photo Credit: Foxtel/Arena TV
The Real Housewives of Melbourne star Andrea Moss recently sat down with The Herald Sun to talk about her upcoming book, advice on motherhood and The Real Housewives of Melbourne. The mother of three is currently writing a book offering advice on raising kids and managing nannies. “I’ve had a lot of women reaching out for me to give them advice,” said Andrea.

Mrs Moss, who jokes on the show about living on “Planet Toorak”, wants women not to feel guilty about outsourcing the “daily grind” and hiring nannies.

“I take my job seriously; if I don’t turn up to work my staff won’t have a job,” she said.

Mrs Moss, who has children aged ten, eight and five with her plastic surgeon husband Chris, advocates setting strict rules for nannies which are all detailed in extensive checklists.

For instance, nannies must seek permission to take the children to the park and must only use the back element on the stove for safety reasons.
Nannies must use the basic “nanny phone” rather than their own iPhones, and must keep a communication journal.

“I am very controlling and you have to be. You have to treat them like an employee. I do want my children to love them — just no kissing on the lips,” she said.

Mrs Moss, who runs the Liberty Belle skin clinic, said she hires four or five “happy, positive, intelligent uni students” who come from 3.30pm to 7.30pm four nights a week.

Her parents pick the children up from school.

Mrs Moss suggests some parents could pay grandparents as around $10 an hour because it may make them “less likely to be resentful if you are an hour late home”. But her own parents don’t want to be paid.

The book’s working title is A Working Mother’s Revenge, which is a lighthearted way of getting back at those who attack women who work full-time.

“I was told that Andrea Moss doesn’t love her children because I missed a mother’s day breakfast,” she said.

But Mrs Moss said she was a “very, very hands on mum”.

“I am the funniest mum. I’ll sit down with them and read a book or have dinner with them while the nanny is in the kitchen tidying up.

“And I don’t have to unstack the dishwasher because the nanny knows how to do her job. If the nanny starts slamming the dishwasher you know it’s time for her to move on,” she said.

Andrea admits that “what works for me might not work for everyone” but she hopes her book will “inspire, empower, inform and entertain women”.

Andrea will self-publish the book later this year and a substantial amount of the proceeds will go to charity.

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