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Real Housewives Of Melbourne Star Andrea Moss Responds To Twitter Haters After Condemning The Use Of The 'C' Word!

TheFIX is reporting that Real Housewives of Melbourne star Andrea Moss has been targeted by 'Twitter trolls' after condemning the use of "the C word" on last week’s episode. Click below for full details!

Andrea Moss called out co-stars Jackie Gillies' and Gina Liano's language as "vulgar", the mother of three is "disgusted in the "C" word being used against women by women," she wrote on Twitter, adding: "Those of us with intelligence don't have to resort to profanity." But Twitter trolls were hot to hit back, even pulling Lydia Schiavello into the mix, check out the tweets below:

Credit: TheFIX

"Someone has to stand up for standards and morals," Andrea added, on her quest to block trolls because, "I only tolerate intelligent conversation that is relevant to me." said Andrea.

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm only on Foxtel’s Arena!

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