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Janet Roach On The Real Housewives Of Melbourne: "We're Just Living In Housewife Hell"

This past Sunday The Real Housewives of Melbourne taped their reunion special and between C-words and legal letters you know this is going to be a drama-filled reunion. A week prior, The Sydney Morning Herald interviewed the sassy, property developer Janet Roach. Janet opens up and gives a lot of more details about the legal letters that Gina Liano sent to all the other ladies. How does Janet feel about the drama, her co-stars and the reunion special? Click below to find out! 

''We're just living in Housewife hell, all of the girls are really upset. It's just taken over our lives,'' said Janet.

''Sunday is coming up and we can talk about the stuff that went on behind the scenes, and we can justify our actions and we're all dissecting everything that was said. 'I'd rather eat bloody insects than go to the reunion. It's going to be the shitfight from hell. Already so many legal letters are flying around saying, 'You better not say that or that'. ''Mainly Andrea and Lydia are fighting with Gina,'' she says.

Roach, who despite the dramas has agreed to return for a second season claims her Gina Liano threatened to sue everyone all the way through production.

''Gina did so many nasty things behind the scenes. It'll come out in the reunion. Gina did terrible things to Jackie - none of that was aired. As soon as the camera comes on, she goes into calm, cold, courtroom mode, whereas the other girls show their emotion and aren't trained in doing that" said Janet. 

The single mother of two said shooting on the series was stalled continually due to the legal dramas played out behind the scenes.

''Gina came out smelling like roses when she did so many things to upset everyone … She had sent Andrea and all the girls a legal letter threatening to sue them if they defamed her partner in any way; she kept going on about how she was going to sue and her partner had much more money than them,'' explains Janet. ''And Andrea wanted to ask her about it, but production said 'no' at the last minute, as Gina had threatened to sue everyone, so we weren't allowed to say anything … That's what the audience are not seeing and why Andrea is now being subjected to so much social media abuse.''

Insiders on set say Gina, being a barrister, only knows one type of speak, and that's legal-speak. ''Every time she's challenged about someone, she sends a cease-and-desist letter, because that's how she is - but there's never any follow-through.'' The insider also says at no time was the TV show hindered over the legal dramas. ''She made threats, but they never went anywhere.''

For her part, Gina Liano said last week: ''I never sent it to them. I sent one to the producers and I cc'ed the girls in … I've explained what 'cc' means … but it's not getting through to them, so for businesswomen they are not very cluey.''

In scripts you couldn't write, the recent episode saw Liano call Moss and Schiavello the C-word and she joked an upcoming book by one of the housewives should be called Two Brain Cells and a Vagina.

Roach, a longtime friend of Liano, says: ''I thought, 'Jesus, Gina, I keep sticking up for you, but you keep shitting on these girls!'''

For today's reunion, Roach plans to stick to the truth, despite pressure.

''I'm not playing camps,'' Roach says. ''And I told Gina that yesterday. I'm on no team. I'm on Team Janet, and I'm just going to stick to the truth. They're all going to hate me, as I'm probably the one who knows all the answers" said Janet.

There you have it. What are your thoughts on Gina's legal letters? Do you agree with Janet? Who's side are you on? Tell us in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Tamara Dean