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Dr. Jenn Berman On Taylor Armstrong And John Bluher - Couples Therapy Season 4 Finale!

Dr. Jenn sat down with VH1 and talked about this week's episode of Couples Therapy. Find out what Dr. Jenn had to say about former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong below!

Did you watch any of the interaction between Taylor and John while her daughter Kennedy came for the day?

I observed them quite a bit and that was very helpful. I think what Taylor does is something that a lot of parents struggle with. Taylor has it to the Nth degree, that “I don’t want my kid to be upset, I don’t want my kid to suffer,” and then you have Kennedy who has been through some tremendously painful experiences, being in a home with domestic violence, losing a father, and I think Taylor wants to make that up to her by making sure she never experiences pain again, but that’s not what equips us for life. It’s important that our children experience pain and that we help them to cope with it when we’re no longer there so they have those skills and those tools.

Is she really protecting her, or is she also spoiling her? I understand her desire to not want to upset Kennedy, but there was one thing she said about how when she asks Kennedy to set the table and Kennedy says “My nanny will do it,” Taylor lets that slide. That to me seems more spoiled than protective. Honestly it sounded very Beverly Hills to me.

But I think that it’s all the same. She’s still a parent who’s trying to prevent her kid from being upset with her and I think families with little or no money also do things like this. If this kids at school have electronic devices, the parent thinks “We can’t really afford it but I’ll go without something really important and vital so that my child can fit in with the other kids because the other kids have teased my kid and I want them to have what everyone else has.” That’s not healthy and it’s not that much different from what Taylor’s done.

It’s the same thing and it’s actually quite relatable when you realize it’s not about the money, it’s about the dynamic of “I don’t want to upset my child.”

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Source/Photo Credit: VH1