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Big Ang Confirms Her Return To The Fifth Season Of Mob Wives!

Angela "Big Ang" Raiola has confirmed that she's returning to the fifth season of Mob Wives. Ang spoke exclusively to Radar Online to set the record straight after rumors were swirling the internet that she was not returning. "Absolutely not true." she explained "I don't know where that came from" said Raiola. Ang also talks about the possibilities of Karen Gravano's return, RHONJ's Teresa Giudice's legal problems, plastic surgery and more. Check out what Big Ang had to say below!

Radar: You’re definitely coming back for another season of Mob Wives?

Big Ang: Yeah!

Radar: Why do you want to come back for another season of Mob Wives?

Big Ang: Because I love my show and I enjoy doing it even though there’s a lot of drama. I’m very friendly with all the girls and I’m looking forward to another season actually.

Radar: What has been the best part about filming Mob Wives so far?

Big Ang: The best part is how many people recognize me and how much I’m loved by all my fans.

Radar: What has been the toughest part about filming Mob Wives?

Big Ang: Dealing with all the drama that goes on. When there’s no drama, it’s really great to work together. But when there’s drama, it’s so much stress.

Radar: How do you deal with that stress that comes with Mob Wives?

Big Ang: I just do my job and drop it when I get home. I don’t take the problems with me.

Radar: What’s the key to be the more peaceful person in the cast?

Big Ang: They’re fighting over things amongst each other. That has nothing to do with me, so I don’t get involved. If it had something to do with me, then I’d be involved and I wouldn’t take that.

Radar: There are rumors Karen Gravano is returning for next season. What do you know about that?

Big Ang: I don’t think that’s true either.

Radar: Would you want her to come back?

Big Ang: I don’t mind either way. It doesn’t bother me if she’s there or not there.

Radar: In the past season you put your plans on hold to have a baby. Is there any chance you might decide to go through with it?

Big Ang: Nah. I took that thought off the table since we are having two granddaughters. I just think having my own is just not the right timing. It’s more about the kids right now.

Radar: Are you nervous about having two more grandkids?

Big Ang: No. I think the more the merrier. I actually can’t wait because they’re two girls. I already have Salvatore. He’s five and he’s looking forward to having cousins, so we’re very excited. And how much stuff I’m going to buy them! One is Angelina and the other is Annabella.

Radar: What is it like going through menopause?

Big Ang: Oh my god, it’s horrible. It’s just terrible! It drains me. In the middle of the night, you sleep and you’re soaking wet. In the middle of having a conversation or being somewhere, you’re soaking wet. It’s just not fun! You don’t sleep nights. I don’t take any medication. A lot people recommend it, but I’m not a fan of medicine so I just suffer.

Radar: How has it changed your life?

Big Ang: It makes you very not interested in having sex. It really takes a toll on you. I don’t like it. I don’t want it. Then they’re telling me this can last 10 years. If this last 10 years, I will gun myself. I can never deal with this for 10 years, I’ll just go crazy.

Radar: Do you have any more plans to get more plastic surgery in the future?

Big Ang: I would like to have my neck lifted because it’s starting to get a little old looking. I got to look as young as possible. I’m over everything else honestly. I think just that thing and like my eyelids are things that are necessarily. I’d like to do the top of my eyes and my neck at the same time. Be done and then that’s it.

Radar: Have you talked to a doctor about getting a neck lift already?

Big Ang: No, but I will be going for a consultation in the next couple of months before we start filming again.

Radar: Are you worried about getting that done?

Big Ang: They say it isn’t painful at all. I’m not worried about it.

Radar: How do you feel about plastic surgery and how it’s affected your life?

Big Ang: I would say 90% of the world has had plastic surgery. If you need it, you get it. If you don’t need it, god bless you.

Radar: How do you feel about the fact that Teresa Giudice could go to prison?

Big Ang: Oh please, I hope not! I don’t think she’s going to prison. I told her that. I think she’s going to be okay. It’s not right to put a mother of four kids in prison. God forbid they did do something, let the husband take the fall.

Radar: What advice would you give her on how to handle it if she did have to go?

Big Ang: Be strong. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Radar: How is your new wine business coming?

Big Ang: I got the Big Ang Wines. The wines are very good and they’re very reasonable.

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Source: Radar Online, Photo Credit: VH1