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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview With Dr. Simone Whitmore!

Interview by Jim K.

If you didn't watch Bravo’s “Married to Medicine” last season, you definitely missed out. Aside from being my favorite show on Bravo, “Married to Medicine” received some of the highest ratings the network has seen for a new show. #MAZEL. I recently had the pleasure of asking one of the show’s stars, Dr. Simone Whitmore, a few questions.  Like Quad, Dr. Simone is busy. She is VERY busy, honey.  Grab yourself a little vodka something and enjoy.

Jim: How were you approached to do Bravo's “Married to Medicine?”

Dr. Simone: I was initially approached by Mariah (Huq) to do a reality show with all doctors. Later she asked me to do a casting call for M2M.

Jim: TV editing can either make or break someone with fans.  Were you ever nervous during filming about how you may be shown and were you pleased overall with how Bravo portrayed you?

Dr. Simone: I was worried about the viewers misunderstanding my repeated joke about Vodka. I was pleased with the Producers' editing skills.

Jim: What was your favorite and least favorite moment from Season 1?

Dr. Simone: My favorite scene in Season 1 was the scene that featured my sister.  My least favorite scene featured Mariah and Toya's fight.

Jim: The fight between Toya and Mariah was crazy boots.  What went through your mind when you saw that?

Dr. Simone: I could not believe grown women in ball gowns were actually fighting. It was upsetting to witness.

Jim: I love the relationship you have with your husband. How did you and Cecil first meet and when did he pop the question?

Dr. Simone: Cecil and I met during our senior year in college. He attended Morehouse & I attended Spelman (the better college!).  He proposed a million years later.

Jim: What made you decide to pursue a career in lady bits and baby catching?

Dr. Simone: I decided to become a doctor at age 12. Initially, I wanted to help children. Once in medical school, I knew OBGYN was the perfect specialty for me. It keeps me happy most of the time.

Jim: Anything you would like to add or tea you can spill in regards to Season 2 of “Married to Medicine?”

Dr. Simone: Season 2 aims to please! I reveal a bit more of Dr. Simone than was necessary but I had a great time doing it. If I make you laugh just once, then I did my job.

Dr. Simone with her family

There is no doubt Dr. Simone and the other ladies will make you laugh on “Married to Medicine.”  As of the time of this interview, Bravo has not yet released the start date for Season 2. Fingers crossed it is coming soon to a TV near you!

Dr. Simone is a board certified physician and owner of North Perimeter OB/GYN in Atlanta, GA.  If you are a lady living in the Atlanta area, Dr. Simone will take great care of your lady bits and catch your babies. She is married to Cecil and they have two sons.

Dr. Simone, the baby catcher!
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