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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview With Ariana Madix!

Our Vanderpump Rules Recap Blogger Joshua Pramuk recently had the opportunity to interview actress and Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix! They dished about the drama that went on this season at SUR, full details about the infamous kiss between Ariana and Tom Sandoval and the current status of their friendship. She also talks about her Pump Rules co-stars and she even says three nice things about Kristen and much more exclusively to Read the full interview below!

Joshua writes: "Ariana and I had this interview scheduled for some time. Needless to say, we were both late for our phone interview. As soon as the phone rang, full of butterflies I answered the phone and kept my composure. She said “I had no fucking clue what time it is, it's raining here. I woke up to this darkness, so I had no idea what time it was.” I told her it's raining here in Texas as well, and that I stayed up till four a.m. but this bitch stayed up till 7 a.m. I don't know how she does it on the weekends. I give her mad props. She's got it together. We chat a little bit about how good it is to finally talk to each other. On the real, I LOVE this bitch. She is #TheNextBigThing in my eyes. It's time for us to get down to business."

Joshua: How do you get along with the other girls on the show? 

Ariana: They are all nice in their own way, but I'm an actress so it was really hard for me to come into this show.

Joshua: Because of all the drama?

Ariana: Exactly. I would stay away from group things because I knew that there would be nothing but drama, and I am not about the B.S. I LOVE spending time with Scheana, she's been my best friend for a few years, I love her to death. She and Shay are the most down to earth couple you could ever meet. She has a heart of gold and I love her for that! I do like Katie and Stassi. Stassi is AWESOME, but she is two different people. I remember thinking ohhh Stassi is going to look really good this season, and then I saw her interviews.

Joshua: She makes for amazing fucking TV! The way she is in her interviews can either scare you away or have you giggling to yourself all night. 

Ariana: She's like two completely different people! One side of her is so nice, cool and very intelligent, but on the other side...

Joshua: Is the devil?

Ariana: I didn't say that!

Joshua: No I did. I've heard Stassi say it herself.

Ariana: She has, but I feel for Stassi. I know she will be a great person, I see potential in her. I actually see some of myself in her. I can see her becoming a wonderful woman. Katie is getting a bad wrap this season. I feel like we only got to see like one side of Katie. I mean, there has only been drunk Katie, relationship drama Katie, and Tarot Card Katie.

Joshua: I so wanted her to read my cards! Now she's blocked me on Twitter for just speaking my opinion.

Ariana: You told me about that, but you wouldn't have those opinions if you got to see the real Katie. She's really cool.

Joshua: Next question, are you and Tom still friends?

Ariana: Of course, we are still really good friends! It's strange because I never really noticed until recently; we can go weeks without seeing each other...

Joshua: And then pick up right where you left off? I have a friend like that (you know who you are)

Ariana: Yes it's crazy. He's one of my best friends, and the sad thing is I never gave it enough credit. Most of our relationship is being fucking silly, making up dance moves, quoting movies in a funny way, and just having fun!

Joshua: What do people on Twitter say about you?

Ariana: I actually troll the #PumpRules hashtag, it's fucking hilarious! So many people think that I shouldn't have lied about 'the kiss' but Tom Sandoval is genuinely a friend. I wasn't about to throw a friend under the bus or stab him in the back.

Joshua: That's being a real friend!

Ariana: That's how I feel! Then when I found out he told Kristen, I knew it was all going to blow up! The funny thing is Kristen came to me raising nine kinds of hell and she had slept with Jax. I didn't know it then, but it was me, Scheana, Stassi, Katie, Kristina, and Lisa the night we found out about Jax and Kristen. I was in total shock.

Joshua: Like when Stassi told you how she bitch slapped Kristen, your mouth dropped open it was priceless. “#Redemption feels so good” when you said that I died. (You should record a song called #Redemption for shits and giggles, get Scheana to give you some studio time HAHAHA)

Ariana: It was kind of like that but it was like I couldn't even open my mouth. We were all sitting there silently none of us knew what to say. It was a night that I will never forget that’s for sure. Jax lies, we know this, and that night he tried too. With Lisa questioning him, he caved. He can't keep anything from her.

Joshua: Queen Lisa, she scares me.

Ariana: She should (laughs). We were all in the garden at SUR, and I remember thinking 'WHAAAT?!? This is a thing' I was still dealing with WHAT?!? When Lisa brings Jax over, he says no, they didn't even sleep together a couple times, but then he said 'Okay, Yes we did. I'm tired of lying. I need to start telling the truth.' It was a blow to all of us.

Joshua: I can imagine that it was.

Ariana: I wanted to tell Tom so bad. I remember sitting in Scheana's apartment with Scheana and Shay. I felt horrible! But the conclusion that was drawn is that it wasn't my place. Tom needed to hear it from Jax.

Joshua: I can understand that I could very easily see Tom shooting the messenger. In those situations, you never know how someone will react. I've been on the bad side of it.

Ariana: Me too, and the thing is Tom knows so much shit about Jax. He has been a vault for Jax's secrets the way I see they've been friends for 10 years so Jax needed to man up.

Joshua: Give us your side of the story of what happened at the Golden Nugget.

Ariana: I was shooting a movie in Vegas at the time, and Tom was in Vegas, we decided to go play some poker. You know in casinos, at least in Vegas, they can still smoke

Joshua: I know it gets smokey and stuffy in those places.

Ariana: YES! So we decided to go out for fresh air and there was a fucking Shark Tank in the pool. I couldn't believe my eyes. Okay, so you see the shark tank and there is a slide that goes right through the middle of the slide. I was drunk so naturally, I was like, I have to get in the pool and go down that fucking slide! So needless to say we did! But if you would have been there, you would have seen how awkward it was after the kiss. We were just like bye. (Laughs)

Joshua: Sounds like a typical first kiss, is there a special guy in your life right now? 

Ariana: Not at the moment, BUT when I was filming there was a guy I was going through a lot with. It was a two-year relationship, and I actually met him in Vegas while filming that movie. I didn't start dating him till after the kiss though, but it was the first dysfunction relationship I was in. There was all that breaking up, making up, arguing, off again-on again, it was a very tumultuous relationship.

Joshua: Was it hard going through all that while you were filming?

Ariana: It definitely had me distracted, I was living with him and I did keep the kiss from him, but once it all I came out I knew I had to tell him. I thought of it like a band-aid, just rip it off and be done with it.

Joshua: I agree, better to be upfront then have him find out watching the show. So did you text him or what?

Ariana: I called him. It was actually during one of our 'off again' periods and it was difficult, but definitely had to be done. If it was coming out anyway there was no way I was going to keep lying about it.

Joshua: How would you describe the kiss?

Ariana: Shitty, the actual kiss. If there were cameras no one would have made a big deal about it. If they were able to see the duration of the kiss, how it ended, and the way we said goodbye. No one would have cared.

Joshua: Except for Kristen. Speaking of her, have you seen Kristen since the show wrapped?

Ariana: Yes, but we haven't talked. I've seen her at events, parties that we all attend. I will say I've seen her, but I don't engage because we are not friends.

Joshua: Have you seen the movie she and Tom did?

Ariana: Twenty-three minutes to Sunrise? Yea I have.

Joshua: What did you think of it?

Ariana: Tom was good at it!

Joshua: Love the shade girl!

We both laugh A LOT after that exchange.

Joshua: What movies have you starred in?

Ariana: Killer Eyes, which there is a lesbian make-out scene in.

Joshua: Sounds interesting, but I don't think anyone except straight guys will find that a reason to buy the movie. Honestly, I don't know how many, if any will read this. (We both had a good laugh at that) So Killer Eyes is it good?

Ariana: It's campy horror if you like that kind of thing. Way more funny than scary. Dead Want Women is better, well it has a better story.

Joshua: I definitely have to check those out. Let's talk about the finale. What are you're thoughts?

Ariana: I will say during Tom Sandoval’s conversation with Stassi, when she mentions the support system she was talking about me and Scheana. We just had a conversation with Stassi about how we will always be there for Tom off camera before he asked to talk to her.

Joshua: That conversation he had with Lisa...

Ariana: I know!! I cried, just seeing him so messed because of Kristen and Jax, knowing there was nothing I could do about it. It hurt to watch.

Joshua: It made me shed some tears.

Ariana: Then at Scheana's engagement party, who else would show up in bright orange pants and a crop top?

Joshua: You looked amazing. BTW when an ass like that, Dayuuummm girl!! You can pull it off.

Ariana: Thanks, during the reception I remember seeing Kristen out the corner of my eye taking off her shoes. I was thinking, what the FUCK is this bitch doing? We could tell she was fucked up, like a drunk. I remember thinking, who takes off their shoes? I was like WTF, I think she finally lost it. Then the fight happened.

Joshua: Do you feel like Jax got what was coming to him?

Ariana: Tom held back he could have fucked him up way worse. I mean Jax was defenseless on his back. I think he got less than he deserved, but he deserved every bit of what he got.

Joshua: I totally agree, now guess what?? For the last question #Redemption time! Say THREE nice things about Kristen.

Ariana: ohhh I wanted you to ask me this.

Joshua: She only gave one answer on WWHL, so if you can't give three…

Ariana: Oh, I'm going to give you three: Number one, she's tall. Number two, she had a moment of brilliance in her taste of men aka my friend Tom. Number three, tan????

Joshua: Ariana I couldn't have asked for more, it was amazing. Thanks again! I'll be on The A-Team always and forever. You are chill, funny as hell, smart, and girl you are a friend for life now :-)

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