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Bravo Announces The Real Housewives Awards; View Complete List Of Categories And Nominees!

Today Bravo announced the the first ever Real Housewives Awards which consist of a total of eleven categories such as Best Fight Locale, Rookie of the Year to name a few. Did your favorite Real Housewives cities and stars made the cut? Click here the view the the complete categories and nominees on Bravo's official website or click below the view all the categories and nominees all in one section!

via Bravo: The Real Housewives Awards is Bravo’s celebration of all the wonderful and ridiculous moments that are the first ladies of Bravo. We’ve culled through the most recent Seasons and now we ask you, the fans, to recognize your favorites. Their fabulousness is in your hands! Cast your votes until 12 pm ET on March 21 and then tune in March 23 to see the winners announced live!

The categories are as follow:

Best Fight Locale:
RHOBH Season 3: The Eiffel Tower
RHONY Season 5: St. Barths
RHOC Season 8: Whistler
RHONY Season 5: The Gym
RHOA Season 6: The Bridal Shop
RHOM Season 3: An Elevator Bank

To vote in this category CLICK HERE!

Best Supporting Agitator
RHOC Season 8: Slade Smiley
RHOC Season 8: Lauri Peterson
RHOA Season 6: Mama Joyce
RHOM Season 3: Tony, Joanna's Make-Up Artist
RHONJ Season 5: Kim D
RHOBH Season 3: Faye Resnick

To vote in this category CLICK HERE!

Rookie Of the Year (aka best New Housewife)
RHONY Season 5: Aviva Drescher
RHOBH Season 4: Joyce Giruad
RHOBH Season 4: Carlton Gebbia
RHOC Season 8: Lydia McLaughlin
RHOA Season 5: Kenya Moore
RHONY Season 5: Carole Radziwill
RHOA Season 5: Porsha Williams
RHONY Season 5: Heather Thomson

To vote in this category CLICK HERE!

Most Memorable Outfit
RHOC Season 8: Gretchen's Proposal Outfit
RHONJ Season 5: Teresa's Gotti Lunch Outfit
RHOA Season 5: Kenya's Phaedra Impression Outfit
RHOM Season 3: Joanna's Wedding Dress
RHOBH Season 4: Yolanda's White Pants
RHONY Season 5: Sonja's Snow Hat

To vote in this category CLICK HERE!

Loveliest Locks (aka Best Hair)
RHOBH: Joyce Giruad
RHOBH: Kyle Richards
RHOC: Alexis Bellino
RHONJ: Melissa Gorga
RHOA: Cynthia Bailey
RHONY: Aviva Drescher

To vote in this category CLICK HERE!

Most Shocking Reunion Twist
RHONY Season 5: Ramona tells Andy he's picking on her
RHOM Season 3: Brandi becomes part of RHOM (Adriana vs. Joanna)
RHOC Season 8: Briana's shocking Brooks revelations
RHONJ Season 4: Teresa and Caroline can't be friends
RHOA Season 5: Kenya vs. Phaedra for Apollo
RHOBH Season 3: Kyle calls Yolanda a liar

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OMG-est Moment of the Year
RHOC Season 8: Vicki leaks
RHONY Season 5: LuAnn and the pirate
RHOM Season 3: Adriana doesn't want Romain
RHOBH Season 4: Brandi calls Joyce a big fat pig
RHONJ Season 5: Joe Guidice vs. Joe Gorga
RHOA Season 6: Porsha and the underground railroad

To vote in this category CLICK HERE!

Favorite Quote
RHOBH Season 4: Lisa Vanderpump "This is too bitchy, I shouldn't say it - but I'm awfully glad I did"
RHONY Season 5: Ramona Singer "Take a Xanax, Calm down"
RHONJ Season 5: Milania Giudice "I'm into older men"
RHOM Season 3: Lisa Hochstein "I want to be banged like a chicken cutlet every now and again"
RHOA Season 6: NeNe Leakes "I want all the alcohol"
RHOC Season 8: Heather Dubrow "Do you want me to pop a vein?"

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Outstanding Achievement in Extremely Short Form Live Action (aka Best Gifs) 
RHOA Season 6: Kenya Twerks
RHOBH Season 4: Kim "Faints" 
RHOBH Season 4: Brandi Chugs Wine
RHONJ Season 5: Milania Loves Being a Diva
RHONY Season 5: Ramona is Shocked
RHOC Season 8: Vicki Loves Candy

To view the GIFS that are nominated and to vote in this category CLICK HERE!

Party of the Year
RHOC Season 8: Vicki's Winter Wonderland Party
RHOC Season 8: Tamra's Gym Dinner
RHOBH Season 4: Ken and Mauricio's Birthday Party
RHOM Season 3: Joanna's Bachelorette Party
RHONY Season 5: Aviva's Anniversary Party
RHOA Season 6: NeNe's Lingerie Party

To vote in this category CLICK HERE!

Lifetime Achievement Award
And the nominees are...

I personally thinks that Vicki Gunvalson should take this award for being the last woman standing and being the last remaining OG housewife. Click Here to vote!

Vote as often as you like in every category, everyday. Then tune in March 23 to see the winners live, starting at 8/7c.

Source/Photo/Video Credit: Bravo