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Alexia Echevarria On RHOM: "There Will Definitely Be A Season Four"

Ever since the third season of The Real Housewives of Miami ended a few months ago, there has not been any news about weather or not a fourth season is going to happen. Thankfully RHOM star Alexia Echevarria gave an exclusive interview to E News and comments by saying that a fourth season is definitely in the works! Check out what Alexia had to say about the fourth season and what she really feels about co-star Joanna Krupa below!

Alexia tells E News the following: "There will definitely be a season four for Miami. I have spoken to producers and they are currently working on dates for taping, since we usually begin taping this time of year we were told taping is being pushed back a little", she continues  "The producers spoke to all of us and told us all the same thing." 

There have been rumors that Joanna Krupa wants to leave RHOM due to cancelation rumors and since she spends more of her time in LA due to her career, she wants to join the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but what does Alexia has to say about this? She responds the following:

“Joanna has poor comprehension and lack of understanding as to what [the producers] said because what she is telling the media is not what they said," Alexia explains. Alexia continues saying "Honestly, at this point I really feel very offended by her careless comments towards Miami and her fellow cast mates. She has no loyalty and I do not believe she belongs here or in any of the franchises," she says. "She doesn't belong in Miami because she doesn't really live here and she doesn't belong in BH for obvious reasons."

However Joanna fires back at Alexia's comments and tells E! News the following: "Alexia needs to fact check before trying to put words in my mouth that I have never once said. I love Miami—it's one of my homes. I appreciate the show as it saved my relationship and led to a beautiful, fairytale wedding. That's why I love Bravo and the show's producers: they made it happen." To read the full article CLICK  HERE! 

There you have it. I’m happy to hear that there will be a fourth season of RHOM and all I care about seeing is the return of Mama Elsa, I so miss her. Do you guys prefer to see Joanna on RHOM or RHOBH? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Bravo