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Video: The Graziano Sisters Heat Up The Kitchen And Teach Us How To Use A Meat Cleaver!

The Graziano sisters are getting closer for the release of their first cookbook titled "How To Use A Meat Cleaver: Secrets and Recipes from a Mob Family's Kitchen" which will be released on February 4th. Renee, Jenn and Lana take us to the kitchen as they share and prepare two dishes from their cookbook which are Sausage and Peppers and Filet Mignon, by the way someone give these girls a cooking show already, they are hilarious! Watch the Graziano sisters in action below!

If you already pre-ordered your copy of "How To Use A Meat Cleaver" visit and check out details on how you can enter their contest, you could win a chance to cook along with the Graziano sisters, don't let this opportunity slip away.

You can also pre-order "How To Use A Meat Cleaver" on Amazon HERE!

Photo Credit: Amazon, Videos Credit: YouTube