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Recap: RHOBH Season 4 - Episode 11: Luaus And Lies

This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi and Carlton decide to go pole dancing... drunk. Kim throws a graduation party for her daughter Kimberly, Lisa invites the ladies for breakfast, then Kim confronts Lisa and Brandi and Joyce hug it out, but will they call it truce? Read our full recap below!

Kim and Kyle along with Kim's daughter Kimberly are at the beauty salon getting ready for Kimberly's graduation party. Kim and Kyle suggest getting their twats aka private parts waxed. Kyle calls is Tweeter, while Kim calls it a penis, seems like both ladies suffer from the Vicki Gunvalson syndrome since they don’t like using the word VAGINA! Next Carlton and Brandi go pole dancing, but not before having a few tequila shots! Carlton says she's a virgin when it comes to being a pole dancing but by watching her skills, she does not look like a virgin, bottom line this  witch knows how to work it, maybe it was the alcohol? The thing that made me giggle is when Brandi said she and Carlton are a lot alike and they do not create drama just to create it, who is Brandi kidding? Of course you create drama just for the sake of it, it you wouldn’t create drama I wouldn’t be watching the show sweet cheeks!

It's Kimberly's graduation party and Kim's family arrives, apparently the Hiltons couldn’t make it, then Joyce arrives looking like a tropical princess. Brandi and Carlton arrive alightly buzzed from the pole dancing class, they notice that Kim has a Fat burger food truck and they order themselves a burger to sober up and they decide to sit by the curb and eat their burger before going inside, this is freaking hilarious!

We learn that Kim and her ex have a great co-parenting relationship, it’s nice to see them giggling and saying jokes to one another. Kyle and Mauricio are the next to arrive and catch Brandi and Carlton on the side of the curb eating their fat burger. Brandi and Carlton decide to go inside, Carlton heads to the bar and she realizes that they don't have alcohol, nothing but virgin non alcoholic drinks, did Carlton forget this is a teenager’s graduation party? And that Kim is a recovering alcoholic? Gotta love Carlton, Brandi is not feeling well and heads to the bathroom to throw up! Now I know not to go pole dancing, while drinking and then eating a fat burger, which is a result of a hot ass mess.  Carlton is concern for Brandi but she's to drunk herself and so is Brandi so they decide to call a taxi and leave the party.

Kim gives her daughter Kimberly a teary speech. Pretty much telling her that she is so proud of her and she wishes her nothing but the best when she heads out to college. Meanwhile Queen Lisa V is going through her old clothes to donate it to kids who are in Foster care, she calls up Carlton, Joyce, Brandi, and invites them over for breakfast and asks them to being some gowns that they don’t use for charity. Brandi decides and tells Lisa that she rediscovered Jesus again and wants to have a conversation with Joyce to clear their issues.

Next Joyce is a photo shoot for an anti-bullying campaign for a Friend Movement, she looks gorgeous and the campaign is pretty much is giving the middle finger and pretty much telling all your past bullies to F**K OFF! And let me tell you Joyce looked STUNNING! Joyce channeled her inner bitch and flipped to all those people that bullied her in high school and something tells me that message also went to Brandi as well, just saying!

The next day Lisa is getting breakfast ready for all the girls to arrive, Joyce is the first one that arrives along with some gowns that she decides to donate to the foster care that Lisa is representing, then Kim arrives and she quickly reminds Lisa that she didn't attend Kimberly's graduation, Lisa tells her she was away in Missouri helping kids. Kim tells her that her hair dresser saw her at SUR. Lisa then remembers that she arrived the day of the party but forgot about it. Kim seems bothered by the fact that Lisa attend, Ken then comes and defends Lisa and tells Kim that she missed a lot of events in the past then the door rings Lisa takes this opportunity to walk out to greet the next guest. Kim confronts Ken for saying what he said. Kim feels hurt because Kim was not all there in the past due to her alcohol addiction, what surprises me is Ken's hypocrisy, he tells Kim he is defending his wife but a few episodes back he made a big deal when Joyce's husband defended Joyce. Hmmm hypocrite much Ken?

Brandi is the next to arrive, Lisa tells Brandi about Kim confronting her, but we learn that they bought Kimberly a graduation present and that she RVSP telling her she was not going to make it two weeks prior, so this makes no sense now, why would Kim make a big deal for Lisa not attending Kimberly’s graduation when she already knew weeks in advanced that she was not going to make it, DRAM DRAMA DRAMA! Kyle and her dog Roxy are the next to arrive;, why would Kyle bring her dog with her? We learn that Roxy ate a rabbit in the past which scares Lisa because Giggy is around the same size of the rabbit lol. Brandi then decides to confront Joyce about their issues, Lisa and Kyle decide to leave the two alone. Brandi tells Joyce she's not a racist, she's not an alcoholic and she admits that she was a bitch to her in Palm Springs. Joyce corrects her by telling her she never called Brandi a racist, but she made a racist comment. These two seem to not agree on anything, to the point that they are talking over one another.

Carlton then arrives, Kim tells Brandi that she pretty much was a bitch in Palm Springs. Brandi tells Joyce is she was a bully that she would have punched her, Brandi admits that she was a bitch but not a bully, Brandi says she is not going to apologize to Joyce, if Joyce doesn't apologize to her, is Brandi for reals? She was the one being the bitch for no reason, so just f****n apologize and move on from this petty "Mean girls" plastic bullsh*t! Carlton then goes to Joyce and tells her that it's not fair for her to put labels on Brandi, but Joyce tells her that it's not fair that Brandi continues attacking her. Lisa talks to Brandi and conveniences her to squash it with Joyce, Brandi then goes to Joyce and apologizes for calling her names in Palm Springs, Joyce accepts her apology and tells her she is willing to accept her wrong doing as well and apologizes, Joyce wants to move on by giving Brandi a hug, and of course during the interview Brandi ruins it by talking smack about the hug that Joyce gave her. Brandi then ends it by saying “let’s have tequila shots” and the episode ends. Until next week!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Monday nights at 8/7c only on Bravo!

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