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Recap: RHOA Season 6 - Episode 12: Sour Grapes, Sour Peaches

This week on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia and Peter celebrate their third wedding anniversary, the friends of the housewives take over the drama as the ladies go wine testing. Drama blows up over Kandi's fiancé Todd, and Kenya and Cynthia’s friend go at it. Read our full recap below!

The episode starts with Peter and Cynthia going to dinner to celebrate their third wedding anniversary at Bar One. Shortly after Cynthia and Peter's friends Natalie and Christopher Williams joins them for drinks and dinner. Peter knows Natalie from way back in the day, and Cynthia knows Christopher from her modeling days when she lived in NYC and he was an R&B star. Christopher tells everyone that he has worked with Kenya back in the day when they were on a road doing some type of play. Natalie then tells Cynthia that she knows Todd because he used to date her friend Annie, Natalie tells Cynthia that Todd basically is an opportunist and cheated on her friend multiple times.

Next Peter tells Christopher and Natalie that he wants to show them Cynthia’s Bailey Modeling Agency which is next door. As soon as they walk in Cynthia notices that it was a plan to surprise her as there’s a private table for two with candles and flowers everywhere, say what you want about Peter Thomas but you can’t deny the fact the he loves his wife. It’s nice seeing a romantic side to him. Peter then surprises Cynthia with Christopher serenading to her. Next Kandi meets with her team regarding the musical she is trying to set up. Her manager Don Juan is very concern because Todd quit, he is panicking since he doesn't have the experience on putting a big budget musical together, he is also concern financial wise but Kandi has faith that everything will work out for them as she always comes through.

NeNe visits Porsha, since she now lives in her neighborhood, and is surprised on how lavish and big her house is especially since she lives alone but she is happy for her. NeNe takes a bottle of wine and the two cheers and the gossiping begins soon after. Porsha tells NeNe that she is not ready to date yet as she still has anger over her divorce and pretty much hates men at the moment, who can blame her but at this point but quite frankly I'm so over the divorce storyline. NeNe brings up that the other day she went to visit Kenya, she has a white Bentley convertible that her African boyfriend gifted her, NeNe thinks that Kenya's man is nothing but a lie, basically saying Kenya doesn't really have a big papa! This makes me miss Kim Zolciak even more (in Kim Z's voice, THANK YOU PAPA!!)

Kenya invites her family over for dinner. Ever since her dad's recent visit, she feels the need to spend more quality time with family and wants everyone to make an effort to spend more time together. Kenya tells her family that she is ready to have a baby. Her family starts questioning her with lots of questions like who is going to be the father of her baby? Is she’s ready to be patient person? Is she going to make time to be a mommy? Etc. Kenya fills them in that she wants a family that she can call her own and feels like this will break and help her cope with the issues she has with her mother. She tells them that she is going to see a fertility doctor and she is willing to make sacrifices to be a mother. What I’m questioning is why is she looking for a father of her baby when she already has a boyfriend? Makes no sense!

Next Kandi and Todd are scouting locations for Kandi's musical, while searching for a place, Todd keeps getting business calls from his job and Kandi is getting irritated. It seems like Kandi found the perfect location and Todd tells her that he loves their teamwork and he is pretty much not feeling his new job and he would like to go back and help Kandi on her musical. Kandi is shocked but happy, but she tells him that if he goes back he can't quit anymore. Todd tells her that he got stressed since he doesn’t like working on jobs that are not organized, like no location, no scripted no nothing, but Kandi assures him that she has never failed a job or task and to just believe in her,  let's see how this turns out.

Cynthia and her sister Malorie along with Nene, Lexi, Marlo and Kenya have an early drink to get the day started and have some morning munchies. Then all the ladies head to the bus to go to the vineyard for some wine tasting. Porsha, Phaedra and Kandi are also going but on a separate bus. Porsha, Phaedra and Kandi are talking about breast milk while on the other bus Cynthia spills the tea and tells the girls what her friend Natalie said about Todd. Then Marlo says if Kandi and Phaedra are still fat, pretty much they are throwing major shade lol! I’m so glad Marlo is back on RHOA!!

All the ladies arrive at the vineyard, time to pop the cork and have so some wine. Kandi tells the girls that she may marry Todd in the courtroom and elope instead of having a big lavish wedding, some of the girls are trying to convince her not to do it. Meanwhile Malorie shares to the ladies that she eloped in Las Vegas with her husband 8 years ago, while Cynthia's friend Natalie tells them she also eloped in Vegas when shady but fabulous Kenya Moore goes after Natalie by telling her that's not what she heard. Kenya tells her that her man used to say that she was his girlfriend and a common law wife! Natalie gets upset and Porsha, Phaedra and Natalie tells Kenya that she has no right to comment on anyone's marriage especially since she has never been married before.

NeNe says that Kenya’s a troublemaker. Kenya then throws Natalie under the bus and goes on by saying that she was doing the same thing by talking about Kandi's fiancé. The whole thing is a hot mess at this point and I’m loving it! Natalie and Kenya soon go after each other and Kandi doesn't want to hear what neither of them have to say, Kandi then says that Todd's past is his past and if he's an opportunist that he knows how to pick them because Kandi is one fine chick and she has it going on as she is successful and pretty much makes the whole thing into one sarcasm shade, can you blame her? Kandi tells all the ladies to toast in honor of Todd and the scene ends there. Next week looks like Natalie and Kenya are going to continue their feud and NeNe goes off at Kenya for starting more trouble, until next week.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights at 8/7c only on Bravo!

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