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Recap: Mob Wives: New Blood - Episode 6: Vegas Part Three

This week on Mob Wives: New Blood, the ladies are still in Las Vegas and the tension between Natalie and Renee is still high, the rest of the ladies are over the situation and all they want to do is have fun. Renee and Natalie have a sit down and decide to move forward, they forgive but not forget. The ladies head back home and Alicia gets unfortunate bad news, read our full recap below!

The ladies are still in Las Vegas for the third episode in a roll, so far this dream vacation has been more a nightmare for all the ladies especially for Renee since she relapsed. The episode starts with Drita and the rest of the ladies head to the race track to ride some fast cars to let some steam off from then tension between Natalie and Renee’s fight. Renee sees how the rest of the ladies are having a great time with Natalie pisses her off. Renee feels like the ladies are not being loyal to her especially after Ang and Drita complained about Natalie’s behavior a few episodes back. However Ang says she is over the drama and just wants to have fun.

Renee goes to Ang and Alicia and talks about the big fight between her and Natalie. Renee feels like Alicia should of spoke up when her husband's name was brought up during her fight with Natalie, she wished Alicia would have said to Natalie that her husband has nothing to do with the situation. Alicia feels like it was not her battle and besides Ang says that it was Renee that brought up it up not Natalie. Renee now questions their loyalty and the ladies tell her there's no loyalty, they both were in the wrong.

After the race track Natalie goes to her room to rest and Renee is isolating herself from the rest of the group. Alicia, Ang and Drita decide to get dolled up, dress up and the three head out for dinner and they start talking about Renee's behavior. Drita and Ang feels like Renee finally meet her match, which is Natalie. Drita says that Renee can't walk around and talk to people the way she does and expect people not to talk back to her or retaliate. They know when Renee gets angry when she doesn't get her way and Drita thinks she's a brat. They do have a point but in my opinion they also should have a sit down with Renee tell her how they really feel about her, but that’s just me. Meanwhile back in the hotel, Renee has a breakdown and calls her son AJ. Renee tells him that she is disappointed in herself for putting her hands on Natalie, AJ the smart man and great son that he is tries to calm her down. Back at the restaurant the ladies continue to talk about Renee and say they are concern about Renee’s state of mind and who can blame them? But they also need to understand Renee is an addict and is hard for her.

Next Renee decides to talk to Natalie to clear the air once and for all. Renee tells her doesn't recall much what went down but she does know that they both escalated the situation. Natalie feels like it was only Renee, both of the women feel disrespected in different ways, Natalie feels like Renee embarrassed her twice and feels disrespected. Renee is old school, to her is all about respect and the word delicious was not the main issue, it was more than a word it was about respect. Renee admits she was not in the best frame of mind and apologizes. Natalie accepts her apology and both decided to move on, both will forgive but will not forget, finally let's hope this stays this way because I love them both!

Now that things between Renee and Natalie are cool it's time for the ladies to finally have a good time. Renee says she wants the old Renee back and says that she threw all her pills down the drain and is ready to have fun and what better way to have fun than to go to a strip bar for a good time. The ladies have shots then Natalie gives Alicia a lap dance, Drita says Natalie dresses like a stripper and calls her Nasty Nat, I’m guessing she was joking. Then Renee gets loose and hits the stripper pole and all the ladies are having a blast getting lap dances from strippers, what a great way to end their trip, right?!

The next day all the ladies wake up, some hangover and it’s time to pack and head home. Renee says just because she had fun with Natalie she is not going to forget her issues with her. The ladies have breakfast and Renee admits that her recovery is fragile and she needs to focus on what's important for her while Drita is scared to tell Lee that she lost 8K on gambling and her plans for opening a bigger store may be on jeopardy while Alicia is ready to see her kids but is worried about her and her husband’s case.

The ladies leave Vegas and they are back home. Natalie is working at her grandfather’s funeral home, she runs it for her grandfather because one day she is going to run it, own it and she wants to continue her grandfather’s legacy. Alicia on the other hand is preparing herself for her husband Eddie's sentencing. Also her older son is packing to leave to college. Alicia helps her son Anthony pack and she comes across Eddie's letter than he wrote to Anthony a few years back basically telling him that he feels bad that Anthony had to step up and be the man of the house so young due to his mistakes, it breaks my heart for Alicia and her sons. We learn that Anthony is not Eddie's biological son but he pretty much raised him and that was a true father does, way to go Eddie! Alicia is worried because the sentencing about her husband is making her think about her own case and she is trying to keep her cool because she doesn't want to worry her kids.

Drita is at her store, she admits that she hasn't had to guts to confront Lee about losing money while her time in Vegas. Drita decides to call Lee and tells him she lost 8K while gambling, Lee gets pissed off and calls her a dick and tells her that she shouldn't have gone to Vegas in the first place, I can tell where Lee is coming from isn’t it Drita money to begin with? Drita knows she has to work harder to make up for the money that she lost in Vegas since she was contemplating of opening a bigger store. I wonder if we are going to see that in later episodes to come, guess we have to wait and see,

Alicia is spending time with her younger two sons, she tells them that the next day is the sentencing of their father, back in New York Renee and Ang talk about Eddie's sentencing, Renee feels bad for Alicia about their situation but Ang pretty much says that there is no way that Alicia was that naïve, and feels like maybe she didn’t want to accept the reality about what Eddie was really involved. Alicia admits that at this point she is not mad at Eddie but more at herself for not seeing the signs especially for putting her sons through this situation. Alicia starts to get anxiety because she can't get a hold of the attorney about the time of Eddie's sentencing. Renee makes it clear that in that lifestyle no one ends up in a white picked fence, it is what it is.

The next day Renee meets with Alicia for lunch to find out what when down with Eddie's sentencing. Alicia lets us know that Eddie's sentencing got post pone and she is crushed and is breaking her apart and soon let's her guard down. Alicia feels alone and feels like she can’t show her emotions because she needs to keep her family together and she says she has to be a cold bitch for the sake of her family, which it’s totally understandable. Renee tells her she can cry and let her guard down with her and Alicia is also scared about her sentencing and fears jail time, not for herself but more for her boys. Until next week!

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