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Flashback Friday - Looking Back At 'The Real Housewives Of Athens'

 by: Jean-Claude

Hello everybody its Jean-Claude and this is Claude's Corner and in honor of Flashback Fridays I'm here with a blast from the past with RHOA and I don't mean the ladies of Atlanta! Yes I'm taking it all the way across the sea and revisiting Athens! The 1st international Installment Of the Real Housewives.... And it definitely proved to be trial and error. The 1st and only season follows these six lovely Greek women.
  • Ioanna Soulioti - Soulioti a former top model and television presenter, divorced with 2 children
  • Orthoula Papadakou - an ex-basketball player, former reality star, business owner and single
  • Annita Nathanail - an ex-model and television presenter, married with two children
  • Fofi Mastrokosta - is married with one child
  • Christina Papa - an actress and divorced with one child
  • Joe Satratzemi Togu - a fashion designer, twice divorced with one child

Following them as they deal with power, fame and what's left of wealth in Greece however their season fell short and was canceled lets take a walk down memory lane and got back to the start of it all debuted on the ANT1 Network in Greece. It was the first international installment ever of The Real Housewives franchise though there was no direct affiliation to the American franchise, made famous by the U.S. Network, Bravo. Casting was held late December 2009 and Production for the first season began in September 2010. It premiered on March 4, 2011 and was officially cancelled in July 2011, citing rising costs and a decline in viewership. Unlike the other Housewives franchises it didn't have reunion show which had viewers speculating for month’s weather they would renew the Athens wives.

Statement from ANT1:
In late July 2011, citing rising costs and a decline in viewership, ANT1 announced that The Real Housewives of Athens would not be renewed for a further season however that they would like to continue to work with and continue to support the wives in their future projects.

Watch the first episode of The Real Housewives of Athens below

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Photo Credit: ANT1, Video Credit: YouTube