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Dr. Jenn Berman On Taylor Armstrong And John Bluher - Couples Therapy Episode 5!

Dr. Jenn sat down with VH1 and talked about this week's episode of Couples Therapy. Find out what Dr. Jenn had to say about former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong below!

We didn’t see too much with Taylor and John this week, was there anything you can add about how they dealt with this episode and the topic of sex?

They were great. they were very forthcoming about sex, they have a very passionate sex life and they’re very attracted to each other. For Taylor, it’s the first time she’s felt so safe in the bedroom and so cared about that it’s been quite magical for her. But at the same time, Taylor has a lot of people-pleasing issues and I think that there are times where she has struggled to voice her own needs. But, by the way, I think John is very eager to meet any needs that she has. But I think it’s hard for her to ask.

You can watch the full episode of Couples Therapy Season 4, Episode 5 HERE!

Photo/Source Credit: VH1