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Couples Therapy Season 4 - Episode 3: Taylor Opens About The Reason Behind Her Meltdown, Plus Farrah Confronts Taylor!

Read our recap of Couples Therapy Season 4, Episode 3 featuring only the best moments of former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong and watch the full episode below!

After Taylor's meltdown the staff got a hold of Dr. Jenn to talk to Taylor, Dr. Jenn calmed Taylor down from her outburst and fit about the her late and having green towels. The next day Dr. Jenn bring all the couples together to get to the bottom of the real reason why Taylor had her fit. Some of the couples call Taylor out for her fit, and they tell her they know she is not a diva, Dr. Jenn makes Talyor and John talk about the real reason behind their fit, Taylor's fiance admits that the heating situation really pissed him off which Taylor gravitated over it and made her set off. Check out the real behind why Taylor had a meltdown below

Next Dr. Jenn talks to Farrah about her issues, Taylor then talks to Farrah and calls her out for not being "real" and tells her that she sees a lot of her in her when she was young for being a people pleaser which makes her look not an authetic person for trying to do it all, Farrah gets offended by Taylor's comment but Dr. Jenn inter-gets and tells Farrah what Taylor and everyone is saying is not an insult or a bad comment, they are simply trying to help her but she has a history of coming stand offish and she pushes people away, watch this clip below

That's all for the best Taylor Armstrong moments for this week's episode, to view the complete episode click the link below!

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Couples Therapy airs Thursday nights at 9/8c only on VH1

Photos/Videos Credit: VH1