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Couples Therapy Season 4 - Episode 2: Taylor Armstrong And Farrah Abraham Butt Heads, Plus Taylor Has A Meltdown!

As we mentioned before, we will not do a complete episode recap of Couples Therapy, we will only recap the best moments of former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong. And this week, let me tell you, she brought the drama and did not disappoint. Check it out below!

This week on Couples Therapy, the couples met with Dr. Jenn for a group therapy session. Dr. Jenn first picks Taylor and her fiance John to talk about their issues and their past relationships. As we all know Taylor is still struggling with post-dramatic stress disorder over the abuse and loss of her late ex husband Russell Armstrong. Taylor says that the verbal abuse was most hurtful than the actual physical abuse and she still finds herself trying to meet the expectations that Russell wanted from her.

Taylor's fiance John says he is working with her to move away from that situation but it's still a work in-progress type of situation. I'm glad that Taylor found love again after what she has gone through but in my opinion she still needs a lot of therapy especially after what she went through so publicly for her sake and especially for her daughter.

Next all the couples along with "lying to be on television", aka fame whore Farrah Abraham head out of the house for a night of bowling and dinner and of course a few drinks because nothing makes a reality TV star more sane than drinking alcohol right? After bowling is over everyone goes to have dinner, everyone orders drinks and our beloved Taylor Armstrong is already tipsy after having a few drinks at the bowling lane but annoying a$$ Farrah decides to order her dinner and dessert and not wait for everyone. Taylor is easily offended and finds it rude, Taylor says Farrah has no manners and Taylor and Farrah butt heads, check how it all goes down on the clip below!

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After the couples arrive back home, a very drunk Taylor is in her room and apparently her room was super hot and the AC seems not to work and she flips out over it and has a meltdown. Taylor demands the heat situation in her room to be fixed or else threatens to quit the show. Taylor admits that she is unhappy in the house, she complains about the food by saying it sucks, she hates her room, basically she feels out of her comfort zone and she misses her house, we think it was the alcohol talking but she sure made good TV even better than Alex McCord slipping last season. Watch Taylor's major meltdown below!

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So what are your thoughts on Taylor this week? What are your thoughts on the whole Taylor vs. Farrah? What about her meltdown? Tell us in the comment section below!

Couples Therapy airs Thursday nights at 9/8c only on VH1!

Photo/Videos Credit: VH1